The first league title in the club's history was widely celebrated in Leverkusen.

While police Speaking on Monday (April 15, 2024) of celebrations in the city and around the stadium that were “largely calm and trouble-free,” the storm left clear marks on the stadium.

After storming onto the field to win the title: Leverkusen stadium devastated

As a TikTok video shows, numerous LED advertising panels were affected following Bayer's victory against Werder Bremen on Sunday (April 14). “Everything broke a day later,” the video says.

The extent of the destruction was apparently filmed by a member of the team responsible for setting up and tearing down the television broadcast technology. The corresponding account “TV Live Coordinator” repeatedly offers information about behind-the-scenes work on its TikTok channel.

“Damages between 1 and 3 million”

The extent of the property damage was initially unclear Monday night. During on-field storms at other stadiums, damage to LED boards and other property damage has generated sums up to six figures. When asked, the video creator even rather offensively estimated in a comment: “Between 1 and 3 million damage.”

Some commentators who do not support the Werkself are now predicting an unexpected change in the championship. “If the stadium suffers extensive damage, the runner-up will be proclaimed German champion and the club itself will be relegated,” a user quotes alleged DFL statutes. “Well, there it should be DFB deduct at least 20 points as a penalty. Anything else wouldn't be fair,” says another.

Others have valuable advice for technicians: “Have you ever tried turning the device on and off?”

But not everyone sees the matter with humor. “A fully deserved championship for Leverkusen, but what the fans did there is clandestine,” said one comment. “You can just celebrate without destroying anything,” suggests another.

By Antje Rehse


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