Party atmosphere under the Bayer Cross! Not only in the Bundesliga The title is within reach of the Werkself, even in the DFB-The Cup is one step away from the boat. Successful coach Xabi Alonso (42) has also announced that he will remain at Bayer Leverkusen beyond the season.

While German football looks on with envy at Leverkusen's sporting dominance, there are at least one or two points of criticism off the pitch that are the subject of heated debate on social media. The cup semi-final against Fortuna Düsseldorf (4-0) on Wednesday (April 3, 2024) was no exception.

Bayer's expensive choreography in the cup provokes discontent on social networks

As both teams arrived on the BayArena field, the hosts' active fan scene put on a highly choreographed performance in their home corner of the North Stand that stretched from the lower to the upper stands. Visually quite attractive, but the content of the insert invited debate.

After all, sporting successes and dreams of future titles were not praised; Instead, the 90th anniversary of the Bayer Cross was celebrated in Leverkusen.

On the one hand, the gigantic monument is logically part of the urban landscape and is a defining characteristic of the club. Without the sentimental value from a fan's perspective, it's just the logo of a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company. For this reason, the choreography was commented on social networks.

“Bright in the night on my roof” was emblazoned on a long banner on the north curve, along with the number 90 and a miniature replica of the cross with the company name that was illuminated in the afternoon and at night, which is also a central component of the two lions club shield.

The Werkklub proudly posted a photo of the choreography on their channels and even added a QR code that fans could use to send donations to the organizers of Kreativ Schwarz-Rot eV via PayPal to fund their choreographies. According to the club, the cost of the Bayer Kreuz choreography is 10,696.82 euros.

“Since when do football fans advertise for corporations?”

“Great chorus”, “One Love, which never ends, this is my Leverkusen” or “Yes, this is my home,” Leverkusen fans commented approvingly on the image. However, fans from other clubs were much more critical of the BayArena scenes.

“Leverkusen with 90 years of Bayer Kreuz choreography, Wolfsburg and soon with 30 years of Golf GTI choreography?!” asked one user mockingly. Another user expressed his incomprehension for “celebrating a company logo like this.” And the critical question was also contained in another comment: “Since when do football fans advertise for corporations????”

The debate over financial support for Bayer Leverkusen has been raging among fans since before the Bayer Cross choreography. Like VfL Wolfsburg, the factory club enjoys an exceptional position in the DFL's 50+1 rule; Following concerns from the Federal Cartel Office, both clubs were guaranteed so-called “protection under conditions” in March 2023.

By Béla Csányi


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