dEisbären Berlin will also play the second playoff semi-final for the Germans in an extra-time thriller ice Hockey He won the league with the Straubing Tigers. In the third longest match in DEL history, with 111 minutes, coach Serge Aubin's team won 4:3 (0:1, 2:0, 1:2, 1:0) after triple overtime on Wednesday and leads the series. of Seven with 2:0.

In Straubing The Berliners turned the game around after Philip Samuelsson's goal (15th), thanks to national players Jonas Müller (38th) and Leonhard Pföderl (40th), as well as Blaine Byron (44th). The Tigers got back into the game thanks to Joshua Samanski (50th) and Cole Fonstad (56th). In the third overtime, Ty Ronning scored the much celebrated 4-3 winning goal.

Bruggisser with the decision

The Fischtown Pinguins from Bremerhaven are also on their way to the final. The winner of the main round won against the defending champions. EHC Red Bull Munich After extra time 3:2 (1:0, 1:2, 0:0, 1:0). Munich started with a lot of momentum after the 3-0 defeat in the first match, but Bremerhaven responded coldly. Markus Vikingstad put the visitors from northern Germany ahead in the 14th minute. After Miha Verlic's second goal (26th), it seemed that the Penguins would win again.

Former national coach Toni Söderholm's team looked frustrated, Bremerhaven goalkeeper Kristers Gudlevskis looked invincible. Then Markus Eisenschmid put an end to the scoring drought: after 94 minutes, the striker scored Munich's first goal in the semi-final series. Three minutes later, Maximilian Daubner equalized 2-2 (37'). In extra time, Phillip Bruggisser made the decision (73').

Traveling fans celebrated in the stands, the departure date of the weary heroes approached and memories of last year inevitably returned. The quarterfinal series of the German ice hockey league, when the Fischtown Pinguins were already leading 2-0 against their seemingly overwhelming rivals from the south.

At that time the final score was 2:4, and later the Munich champion. Bremerhaven are warned, but equally excited after the exciting away win in Munich. This time the surprise team is convinced that the lead will remain, this time the great favorite from Munich will not return.

“The result may be similar, but they are two completely different teams,” said successful coach Thomas Popiesch: “I think the team has matured.” Also Bruggisser, who scored 3-3 in the 14th minute of extra time. 2, described the new “adult” Bremerhaven in the interview with MagentaSport. “We have become smarter,” said Nino Kinder.

“Munich pressed brutally”

What stood out in Munich was the fighting spirit and strong nerves in the important minutes of extra time. “I really enjoy extra time,” said Popiesch, who had already had two games in extra time, in the 4-0 quarterfinal victory against ERC Ingolstadt.

In any case, the inhabitants of Bremerhaven are not afraid, but they have the necessary respect for the teacher. “We have taken a good step, but the series is far from over, Munich is a brutally strong rival,” Kinder said and called not to give up in the next match: “We have to continue fighting with the same passion. “

The match continues on Friday (7:00 p.m. on MagentaSport) in Bremerhaven: the winner of the main round had already dominated the first match on the North Sea coast and won 3-0. The hope of continuing the winning streak, which has already lasted nine games, is great, but so is the fatigue after the selfless fight.

“Munich pressed brutally in extra time, but we stuck together and blocked shots even though we were tired,” Kinder said. His coach also highlighted unity. “It was a great team performance. “The special teams and the goaltending performance were especially decisive,” Popiesch said.

That had to be the case too. Munich Recognize coach Toni Söderholm. It was not in vain that Bremerhaven became the winner of the main round, said the former national coach, who was not present in last year's race to catch up. It is not the look at the past that gives the Finn hope for a new return, but the appearance of it in the present. “We were much better than in the first game, much more present emotionally and at a career level. Overall, I can't blame the team. If you play like this, you also deserve victories in this series,” said Söderholm.


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