A candidate for the attacking position: Thomas Müller is recommended to play against London Arsenal with his goal against Cologne.
Image: dpa

The interesting thing about Bayern's Bundesliga game was that it wasn't about the Bundesliga at all. A “sting” will impact the big clash with Arsenal. Two players promote themselves.

Yon the sand in Munich you had to squint on this sunny Saturday. When the players from FC Bayern and 1. FC Köln lined up there for the Bundesliga match, you could see ten players wearing red socks, red shorts and white shirts (with a little red) on one side and ten players on the other. team with white socks, white shorts and red t-shirts (with a little bit of white).

But since the game took place in the federal state in which the Prime Minister, of changing ideas, Markus Soder Since the Save the Bees referendum, they probably knew very well how to assign the right players to the right team in situations where there is a risk of confusion.


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