The 2-0 victory against 1. Köln celebrates FC Bayern A successful dress rehearsal for Wednesday's Champions League match against Arsenal FC at the Allianz Arena . The match against Colonia left us with the following ideas.

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1. Bayern must control the injury situation

This season Bayern are suffering from a series of incredible injuries. This season there have been more than 30 failures and with Mathys Tel only one professional in the entire squad came out unscathed this season.

Kingsley Coman took a hit (again) against Cologne. Once again it is a muscle injury, like most of Bayern's injuries this season. The injury problem could cost Bayern all their titles.

In the Bundesliga There were phases in which coach Thomas Tuchel had no real alternatives on the bench, injured players had to play in pain and the rest sometimes helped in positions that were unfamiliar to them. Example: Leon Goretzka as central defender.

In the first leg against Arsenal, Tuchel knew how to take advantage of his full potential, but since then there have been new failures to complain about. Serge Gnabry retired in London The next muscle fiber is torn, now Coman is also out, Leroy Sané is doubtful for the second leg.

In Wednesday's biggest game of the year, the offense will pretty much fall into line again. Bayern officials have stressed several times over the past week that they now want to get to the bottom of the injury problem and are currently investigating the causes. A little late, you might say.

Above all, Tuchel explained that there is still no solution. Tuchel laughed at TV pundit Dietmar Hamann attributing the numerous injuries to a lack of training. “Didi knows it, of course,” the coach responded sarcastically.

But: muscle injuries can be avoided or reduced through proper training management. For example, muscle fiber tears often occur when the muscle is placed under too much stress after a poor warm-up.

Tuchel and his team are in charge of training. It is a fact that the accumulation of these injuries occurred in Tuchel's first full season as Bayern coach. The medical department, the physiotherapists, of course, also have responsibility.

Here Bayern has to act quickly. There is no point in continuing the turmoil that is coming only on the players' side, if the new stars miss half the season injured.

2. Mathys Tel deserves a chance

If Leroy Sané recovers in time for the Arsenal game, Tuchel will likely rely on him, Jamal Musiala and Thomas Müller in the offensive line behind Harry Kane. Müller also showed a great performance against Cologne and has legitimate hopes of playing in the second leg of the Champions League.

But Mathys Tel also deserved playing time. Against Cologne he was an invigorating element and caused a stir on several occasions. The young Frenchman often lacks determination in front of goal, and was once unlucky with his shot hitting the post.

Tel against Arsenal could be good for Bayern: they will be able to maintain the high pace that the Londoners will set again. The 18-year-old always takes risks, with daring dribbles or clever short passes. That enriches Bayern's game.

Prior to his contract extension with FC Bayern, Arsenal were said to be very interested in Tel. A sign that the youngster was believed to be capable of playing Arsenal football. Now he could bring these qualities to Bayern on the other side. And in Wednesday's game the “Gunners” will show that they were not wrong in their appreciation for him.

3. Fielding Mazraoui against Arsenal would be a risk

Due to Alphonso Davies' yellow card suspension, Tuchel needs a new left-back against Arsenal. There are two candidates for this, as the coach made clear in the press conference prior to the match against Cologne: Raphael Guerreiro and Noussair Mazraoui.

Mazraoui is a trained right-back, but should warm up Arsenal on the left side against Cologne. With moderate success: Mazraoui visibly struggled in this position and let his opponents go several times. He accomplished nothing at all in the future.

What should speak in favor of the Moroccan is the speed disadvantage that Guerreiro could have compared to Arsenal's agile Bukayo Saka. On the other hand: Davies is Bayern's fastest player, but Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta clearly identified him in the first leg in London as the weak point of Bayern's defense, especially in the build-up to the match. In the first leg, the London stars repeatedly offered Bayern a free pass to Davies and then put him under enormous pressure.

That wouldn't work with Guerreiro, his strong point is not the run, but the ball. Furthermore, as a left back, he always looks for a way towards the midfield, where he could create an advantage for Bayern.

Mazraoui, despite having a speed advantage over Guerreiro, already had his problems against Colonia. In the Champions League against one of the best teams Europe His use in this position could represent a big risk for FC Bayern.

By Sebastian Mittag


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