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Nico Hülkenberg can be accepted into the 40-year-old club Formula 1 imagine yourself pretty well. “It's always difficult to predict how long you want to do something. But in a few years he won't be that far away until he's 40,” the Rhinelander said on Thursday during the official Grand Prix press conference. from Chinawhich also became a kind of meeting of generations.

Fernando Alonso settled in next to Hülkenberg, who will turn 37 in August. Under his new contract, the 2005 and 2006 world champion will also celebrate his 45th birthday as a Formula 1 driver in July 2026. Sitting next to Alonso was 24-year-old Chinese Guanyu Zhou, who two decades ago, when he was little and a fan of Alonso, was so fascinated by the premier class of motorsport at the Shanghai International Circuit that he wanted to become one of them. also.


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