In their previous documentary, “Laura and Wendler – Now We're Getting Married,” Laura and Michael gave viewers a very private insight into their lives. The topic of singing was already a hot topic for Laura Müller at that time, the couple even recorded two songs for Michael Wendler's album. But Wendler had to convince his current wife for a long time to do their duet – Laura had previously had a bad experience in a recording studio in Berlin.

Laura Müller cried in the recording studio

Laura Müller's first song “Superstars” will soon conquer the German charts. He announced this to his fans in a press release. It goes like this: “Now Laura is really getting started. He is sure to heat things up with his song 'Superstar' in two versions. But Wendler's wife's song used to have a rather negative connotation.
In the episode “Laura and Wendler – now we're getting married”, the couple just talked about the plan to record two duets. Then Michael admitted, “Laura has a bit of a bias.” At that point, the model stormed out of the recording studio crying because she “didn't want to cry on camera.” But why does Laura Müller cry while singing?

Wendler's husband was cheated by a Berlin recording studio

“Laura likes to sing!” tried to save and explain the situation to her husband. “And loves music and wanted to make a name for myself as a singer.” But that attempt has reportedly failed, as Wendler reveals. The studio quickly sent Laura's failed singing attempts to the TV station, which immediately aired them. “Then he went to a recording studio in Berlin, but the studio generally sent the outtakes, i.e. the waste, to the TV station and the whole thing was then released.”

His consent to a joint duet with Micha did not seem so voluntary. Laura herself did not believe in a singing career at that time. “I only do it because I have to,” said the then 19-year-old. “I don't feel anything when I sing. I won't be a singer either.” Wendler first had to convince his lover that he himself said about his participation in the album in question: “I'm just a decoration.”

“It's Just Not My World”

Her Michael, on the other hand, really liked the recordings made in the recording studio and praised her now-husband: “Laura was afraid that she still went through with it, it shows what a strong character she has,” although the now 23-year-old was in the recording studio according to “Watson” I would have preferred to leave immediately. “When you're next to it, it's relaxed, but when you're standing at that table — oh my god. I think you have to be passionate about it too. It has nothing to do with the fact that I don't want to continue working on television, but this singing, performing songs – it's just not my world.” It's hard to imagine that the soon-to-be singer now releases her own song. “Personally, I would never I'd rather cheer for Micha from backstage.

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