It was a surprise: last week ProSieben announced that Elton would no longer be presenting the successful show “Schlag den Star”. This is due, among other things, to his shows on RTL. But of all places, there's a show with Elton on the air right now.

“Shame or cash in” is over

“Shame or money in” should not continue like this in the future Picture – reported the newspaper. As a result, the last episode of the former cult show is scheduled to air this Thursday. The episodes have been filmed a long time ago – the broadcaster is therefore not planning a sequel.

“Disgrace or Cash in” had a strong start to the season but was unable to maintain full market share. “We are now focusing on other great projects with Elton, including 'Three on One' and 'RTL EC Studio – All the Games, the Goals, the Emotions,'” explained the broadcaster. Picture .

RTL plans further projects with Elton

At first, many viewers tuned in to the program “Disgrace or Cash in”. But over time, the ratings have declined – which is surprising because the show was mostly broadcast around football, which always ensured high market shares. Even if Elton is no longer hosting the show – RTL has many plans for the presenter. RTL program director Inga Leschek said last week : “We love Elton. And if he suddenly has a little more time, the RTL family will of course welcome him with open arms. Our audience has already taken him into their hearts.

“Blamieren oder Kassieren” was created in the “TV Collection” section and later transferred to RTL. Will the quiz be broadcast on a different channel soon? It wouldn't be entirely unlikely. “Additional missions are possible in the run-up to the Europa League games in the fall of 2024,” the station's spokesperson said. This means that RTL can show reruns of “Disgrace or Cash in”.

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