Why newspaper staff cuts worry us all, whether the AfD should be invited to TV duels and philosopher Nancy Fraser disinvited

There are two people standing in front of their desks.

Chief presenter Tatjana Ohm and editor-in-chief Jan Philipp Burgard of Welt-TV in the duel between Höcke (AfD) and Voigt (CDU) Photo: Michael Kappeler

taz: Mr. Küppersbusch, what was wrong last week?

Friedrich Kupperbusch: Escalation between Israel and Iran.

And what improvement in this?

Waiting for Iran to come to its senses. Something new.

Staff cuts are said to be taking place at several German newspapers. Should only the industry itself be interested in this?

It can also be called “remateurization.” He south germans cuts 30 jobs Morgenpost burger It only appears weekly: Here, the loss of advertising and free competition are destroying quality media such as tabloids without distinction. Turn on your computer or smartphone in the morning and within five minutes you will be saturated with news noise and ads that you cannot click on. A tumor marker is the breakdown of 13 sites in Cologne City Bulletin: The very popular “Guide, Magazine, Leisure” section will in the future be filled with plain text from dpa and RND, and AI will take care of image correction and editing. Journalism is like feeding pigs: nutrient-poor sludge is automatically pumped into the audience. Craftsmanship will make its way into the high-priced segment, where junk food and amateurs with no research at their disposal will reign. Journalism can be trolling.

Their parties' main candidates in the Thuringian state elections, Björn Höcke (AfD) and Mario Voigt (CDU), argued on Welt-TV. You learned?

Höcke had won the match before it started, but he lost it pretty well. The Welt-TV editorial board addressed the topics of Europe, migration and memory culture, another formula for “three home games for Höcke”, symptomatic of a mainstream of radical right wingers that thematically roll out the red-brown carpet. It is therefore possible that CDU-Voigt was wrong to point out that payment cards and compulsory work against immigrants had long been implemented in their districts, but Höcke's friend in Sonneberg was not. Seriously, it's a rhetorical coup, but the point here is that the CDU is practically even better at xenophobia than the AfD theorists. This may be enough pluralism for the Springer Group. There remains the crucial question of whether to “provide a forum” or “debunk with arguments.” Thuringia has a good two million inhabitants and regional television is a goat game between two opposition politicians. Thuringia had its NSDAP prime ministers in 1930 and one should not be too alert. Both things are true and neither is true, during the 70 minutes Thuringia was hardly mentioned. In this case, the station's interest in noise and proximity to content prevailed over journalistic criteria: What topics are important in Thuringia? And: who really rules there? If that is not available, you can leave it as is.

The University of Cologne has withdrawn the invitation to the American philosopher Nancy Fraser. When was the last time you weren't invited?

Those Nancys! So Faeser versus Fraser. A “Palestinian Congress” in Berlin, called by BDS suspects and Jewish initiators, was also dissolved over the weekend. Accompanied by prohibitions on activity and entry. This is harsh and highlights the question of whether Germans without a Nazi past, i.e. immigrants, also enjoy full freedom of expression here. The corridor of what can be said seems to narrow, rather shifted into light, when someone labeled a fascist is allowed to make a splash on television in the same week. – I was once not invited to an ARD talk show because, as the background editor whispered to me, the FDP urgently needed to say something in the group again. They were idyllic times.

According to the ZDF political barometer, only one in ten Germans expect Ukraine to win its defensive battle against Russia. Did Putin or Mützenich win or are the Germans just realists?

That is the current tenor of the television army, from Colonel Reisner to General Freuding, it is the information situation and it corresponds to the now indisputable understanding that there will be no weapons that change the rules of the game. The fact that Germany was responsible for two world finals with wars against Russia and the Soviet Union should not be seen as an urgent invitation to simply try again. The opinion-leading gun sect has repeatedly prevailed against impressive polls for two years, but at some point it tires and the toll comes to light. In short: neither Putin nor Mützenich are necessary for this attitude, which is also accompanied by clear support for Ukraine.

And what are the Borusians doing?

After an already converted penalty was annulled by video decision, the team's next goal is to be sitting in front of the Sportschau in their Adilettes when the match is decided. Questions: Ambros Waibel, waam

Friedrich Küppersbusch He is a journalist, producer and does not like video decisions.

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