dThe anger against Martin Petersen and his colleagues in the Cologne basement seems to have calmed down. At least it was discussed Jan Siewertthe coach of FSV Mainz 05, The penalty canceled in the match against Unión Berlin. no more on Friday afternoon. “The eye was immediately directed towards Stuttgart,” he stated; Rheinhessen, who have not won in ten games, will face VfB on Sunday (3:30 p.m.). FAZ live ticker for the Bundesliga and on DAZN) make the next attempt to end their streak and at least not allow the distance to the non-relegation positions to increase.

Mainz have only won one of their last 25 Bundesliga games over the seasons, 2-0 against RB Leipzig in Siewert's debut. Low Bo Svenssons His successors have considerably stabilized their defense, but their attack is weakened. Even when they were the better team, in four cases one goal was enough for their opponents to get three points. “We have the most spectacular goal difference in the league,” says sporting director Christian Heidel with dark humor, taking into account the record of 6:8 since Siewert took over.

Why in all places? Stuttgart, with one of the strongest teams in the league, not only in terms of the table, should what did not work in the home games against Werder Bremen and Union triumph? “I think we've already played good games against top-level opponents,” says Siewert. “The boys, for example, showed in Dortmund that they know how to defend themselves.”

For the Swabians, with their flexibility in game preparation and positioning on the field, it will be important to boldly move them away from the goal, take away depth and, even with a straight line preparation, behind the opponent's last chain. play. “And in crucial situations we must be better,” emphasizes Siewert. “In front of our own goal and with our possibilities.”

The Mainz coach does not hide that the duel with the Berliners on the soaked and partially waterlogged field was extremely exhausting, but assumes there will be enough fresh personnel on the field on Sunday. Apart from Stefan Bell, who suffers from myocarditis, all players are available, including Jae-sung Lee, who lost to Jordan in the quarterfinals with South Korea at the Asian Championship.