Bayern lost 3-0 in Leverkusen on matchday 21 of the Bundesliga. Even before the game, the experts were surprised by one thing in particular.

Bayern lost significantly 0-3 against Bayer Leverkusen, They are now five points behind the league leader and are therefore no longer in control of the championship. vBefore the match, experts were amazed by the lineup.

unusual chain of five

Thomas Tuchel gave a big surprise before kick-off. The Bayern coach had his team defended with a chain of five men. In the end, Leverkusen's offense could not stop him. And: Due to Tuchel's play, Bayern were missing a player for attacking play, as the rail players Noussair Mazraoui and Sacha Boye could not put accents on the forward movement. The result: Bayern had no real chance to score and were left completely harmless.

Because Tuchel thought mainly defensively. And he wanted to adapt to the opponent's strengths. The coach forgot the FC Bayern motto: “Mia san mia”, which includes: FC Bayern Don't look too much at the opponent, but at your own strengths. FC Bayern thinks offensively. And FC Bayern knows its tactical identity. And that has been the 4-2-3-1 system since the early days of Louis van Gaal. Since then, attempts to move away from the classic four-man defense have always failed. Recently, Tuchel's predecessor Julian Nagelsmann quickly abandoned such mind games.

Tuchel said of his change after the match: “I take responsibility for the tactical approach to the game and it goes without saying that I have to take the blame today.”

Tuchel's changes caused uncertainty rather than more certainty. In the next big game we clearly need more “Mia san Mia”.

Boey's starting eleven debut went wrong

Tuchel's second big mistake was deploying new signing Sacha Boey on the left. In his debut in the starting eleven for the Munich team, the 23-year-old had to play away against the current best team of the new team. Bundesliga playing in an unfamiliar position.

And Boey was a total failure. This was especially noticeable when he conceded the 0-1 goal, in which he allowed Josip Stanisic to shoot freely behind him. In duels he sometimes acted wildly and several times fell too easily.

He French visibly uncomfortable with his unfamiliar position. Boey last played as a left-back for Dijon in Ligue 1 in November 2020. After that, he probably won't anymore, and for good reason.

You can't really blame Boey, his coach just put him in an incredibly difficult situation. It is not difficult to predict: Sacha Boey will no longer be considered a left back at FC Bayern in the near future.

Kane only had 18 touches of the ball

Total Keyword Failure: Harry Kane also got this title in the Leverkusen game. The star striker was completely in the air in Leverkusen. Kane had just 18 touches of the ball, despite constantly dropping back towards midfield.

He english people He came to Germany to win titles with Bayern. But in an important game against the league leaders there should be more. It has often been talked about all the personal records that Kane can set in Germany, but one or two goals in Leverkusen would have been especially important to win the coveted trophy.

Of course, Kane also had no support: the entire Bayern played poorly. But as a top-tier, top-earning player, Saturday night would have been the perfect time to set himself apart from his teammates with a special performance.

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By Sebastian Mittag