NPeople in Germany are never older than 2022 at their first wedding. This is shown by the data of the Federal Statistical Office. When they first married, women were on average 32.6 years old and men 35.1 years old. This means that a high level has been achieved for both sexes. 20 years ago, women and men were 3.8 and 3.3 years younger, respectively. The age gap between the sexes has narrowed: it fell from three years to 2.5 years.

The number of married people under the age of 30 has fallen especially drastically in the last 20 years: in 2022 the number was 36 percent, in 2002 it was 52 percent. The over 50 age group has apparently discovered the desire to get married: in 2002, one percent entered into a first marriage, and in 2022, seven percent.

As justification, the Federal Statistical Office points out the changed age structure of the population: the share of people over 50 in the total population rose from a good 36 percent at the end of 2002 to nearly 45 percent 20 years later.

In total, about 781,500 people decided to get married in 2022, 78 percent of them for the first time. Almost three percent of marriages were between same-sex couples. They have been reflected in the statistics since the 2018 reporting year.

The average age has increased not only for marriages but also for divorces: women are 5.8 years older and men 6.2 years older than 20 years ago. And the statistics also show a positive trend: marriages have become significantly longer. In 2022, marriage lasted an average of 15.1 years until divorce, compared to 12.9 years in 2002.