FPrince William can also lie down himself. The heir to the British throne is a trained helicopter pilot and has worked, among other things, in the Falkland Islands. Flying connects him with the American actor Tom Cruise, who already has a pilot's license for 30 years. And who is known for performing dangerous stunts in the air for movies like the Mission Impossible series.

Which has always worked out well for him in the sixth episode, “Mission Impossible – Fallout”, but not always for the plane. The 41-year-old Prince of Wales hinted as much on Wednesday night after sending warm wishes from around the world to his father, King Charles III, and his wife Catherine, who are away from home after being diagnosed with cancer. the public to recover from the need for abdominal surgery, had thanked.

There has been a strong medical focus in recent weeks, William said in good spirits. To escape this, he thought it would be a good idea to attend a charity event involving rescue helicopters for medical emergencies. He knows all too well “what a difference these helicopters make in saving patients' lives.” In this regard, William said that he would be delighted if as much money as possible was raised to buy new helicopters for the London Air Ambulance.

He then turned directly to surprise guest Tom Cruise and asked his “co-pilot” not to borrow one of the planes right away. “We all know from the movies that you have a slightly different approach to helicopters. Yours is usually not easy to finish after use.