In VOX Cruise Documentary 'Full Speed ​​Ahead': 'Goodbye Germany' Star Steff Jerkel Goes Almost Crazy During Drug Horror Trip

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“Goodbye Germany” emigrant Steff Jerkel actually wanted to find inner peace in the Colombian jungle. But his journey of shamanic self-discovery, captured by VOX in the film “Full Speed ​​Ahead – Cruise Documentary”, turned out to be a real odyssey…

“Goodbye Germany” emigrant Peggy Jerofke (48) found the VOX cruise documentary “Full speed ahead” that her ex-partner Steff Jerkel (54) planned to make “irresponsible”. The two actually jetted off to the Caribbean with their daughter Josephine, called JJ, 6, to reflect on their split a year ago. Should they give their love another chance?

Before Steff set off alone on her madcap journey of self-discovery into the Amazon rainforest, it looked like it was headed for a happy ending. “For the first time in 25 years,” Peggy says, they were really open and specific about what they both wanted from a relationship.

This is hard to believe as they were always able to explain it quite well individually to the VOX cameras. But apparently their emotions had interfered with being together and the fronts had hardened over time. Now they approached each other appreciatively on the deck of the MS Artania. For the first time, Peggy showed her understanding of Steffi's desire for more togetherness, who in turn realized that he had taken out his frustrations on her too often.

“Goodbye Germany” star Steff Jerkel dares a shamanic drug ritual

Where did this frustration come from? Maybe also from his past… The Mallorcan admitted by his own choice that he hardly remembers much of his “confused life”, especially from his childhood and youth. When he was 19, he was very addicted to gambling, and his sister and mother told him, “I don't know anything about it.” Memory gaps scared him a lot: “What don't I know about myself? “That's why he did this Booked shamanic ritual online, from which he hoped to gain new knowledge – and above all, inner peace.

The centerpiece of the ceremony was the herbal medicine Rapé, snuff made from herbs, flowers, tree bark and tobacco. The shaman was contacted by German emigrant, yoga teacher and former journalist Marco, who accompanied Steffi throughout the ritual. But even meditation at first caused problems for Steffi. He's not the type: “I don't have the patience for that.”

“It just backfired on me”

However, things were to get much worse: the reality star experienced the effects of the rape as a real “horror trip”: “My heart trembled, my body tingled, I felt bad, everything shook – and it seemed as if there were two. people were in there My body was fighting.” He had to lie down, vomited and felt as if he was trapped in this state for hours. The hallucinogenic drug Changa administered later, which at worst can trigger psychosis, didn't make it any better, Steff still felt terrible.

Also, the expected findings did not materialize. Marco explained to her that she was putting too much pressure on herself and wanted everything too fast. It is quite possible that something will happen in the next few days, such as dreams, that will make him aware of things. Steff didn't seem entirely convinced, “It just backfired on me.” He just wanted to get back to his Peggy as soon as possible, even if he dreaded her “I told you so” comments. Still, he had a suspicion at the end of the episode: maybe as an adventurer he should listen to his ex more often, who usually behaves very sensibly…

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This article “Goodbye Germany” star Steff Jerkel almost goes crazy on drug horror trip” was originally from Teleschau.

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