'Let's Dance': Ann-Kathrin Bendixen fights back tears after jury verdict: 'So unpleasant'

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Ann-Kathrin Bendixen's performance on “Let's Dance” in episode 6 was not well received by Joachim Llambi. The juror is clearly criticizing the influencer – but there is opposition.

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Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24) had a tough week: despite the jury's best “Let's Dance” performance, she had to endure harsh online criticism. Some viewers thought he should have been left out instead of Stefano Zarrella (33). Her dance with Valentin Lusin (37) was rated the lowest by the jury, but the audience saved her by voting.

A sobering conclusion from Juror Llambi

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen, 24, revealed in episode 6 of Let's Dance that she had been hit hard by the reactions to her advances. In one clip, she admitted: “When I saw how people were reacting to my advances, I was completely exhausted! I just thought, 'Can't I just switch places with Stefano?'

In this show, she danced cha-cha-cha with Vadim Garbuzov (36), because the plan was to change partners. Garbuzov was thrilled with her performance and said: “Look, my belt buckle even split, you were so sexy!” However, juror Joachim Llambi (59) issued critical words that seemed to concern Bendixen: “Last week I said: you have not danced many more Latin dances. Today you danced… I almost thought. I have no independence, you just have to perform yourself. You still held Vadim's hand a lot.

After a few more explanations about Ann-Kathrin Bendixen's dance technique, she finally came to a sobering conclusion: “It wasn't enough.”

Did you miss the last episode of Let's Dance?

The “Let's Dance” star gets three points from Llambi

After their cha-cha-chat, Vadim Garbuzov asked, “But was it better than jive?”, to which Joachim Llambi responded with a resounding “No!” Background: In the first show, this dance was presented by Ann-Kathrin Bendixen and the jury awarded her with a meager seven points. But Motsi Mabuse said: “Yes, of course” and thus went against Llambi. The referee stuck to his guns and said, “Okay, Jive was one point, let's give it two.”

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen, emotionally upset and in tears, said: “I don't want anymore!” Jorge González comforted her: “Darling, don't cry! (…) You did your best and that's what counts.” Motsi Mabuse added: “Everyone learns at their own pace. You've improved at your own pace, that's important to you personally. And that's good.” Victoria Swarovski also tried to cheer Ann-Kathrin: “You look fantastic, you are such a beautiful woman and a fighter!” Ann-Kathrin Bendixen looked uneasy: “It just makes me so uncomfortable, Because I'm giving it my all and my only goal was for it to be better than Jive.” Others around him asserted, “But it was better than Jive!”

This is also reflected in the points: while Jive in Show 1 was evaluated with only seven points, this time Ann-Kathrin Bendixen got twice as many with 14 points. Even Joachim Llambi gave three points instead of the announced two points.

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