dhe general manager of Bundesliga's Borussia Dortmund, Hans-Joachim Watzke, would like Julian Nagelsmann to remain as national coach even after the European Championship at home. “The DFB should now try to extend Julián's contract. And if the DFB manages to sign him for a longer period, he would be good for German football,” Watzke stated in the “Spielmacher – The EM Talk with Sebastian Hellmann and 360Media” podcast.

Watzke is also vice-president of the German Football Association (DFB) and about possible contract negotiations with Nagelsmann he said: “I will stay a little bit on the sidelines so that no one says that I had influence.”

“It has the right combination”

Nagelsmann has a clear idea of ​​“how football should be played.” It's very conceptual, it has the right combination. He was at Hoffenheim, at Leipzig, at Bayern. So far, Julian has been successful everywhere. If he succeeds in three clubs of different types, it is a good business card,” said Watzke, who said that he wanted to bring the 36-year-old to BVB twice. On both occasions he failed due to lack of approval.

After the cooling of relations between fans and the German national team following recent disappointing major events, Watzke believes that a new closeness can now emerge again. “I think the team is already prepared to reach the hearts of the Germans. And since Germans generally have a very emotional and very strong relationship with football, they are also easily flammable,” he stated.

You have to give people the feeling that “you're doing honest work, that you're excited about yourself.” The team has also become more accessible again.

After the last victories against france and The Netherlands The German team could spark new enthusiasm ahead of the European Championship (June 14 to July 14). “If we play good games now, the spark will continue to fly. And now we have that confidence in ourselves. “I’m really looking forward to the Euro,” Watzke said.


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