Watzke's wish for the DFB: sign Nagelsmann for a longer period

Wednesday, April 3, 9:30 a.m.: BVB coach Hans-Joachim Watzke would like Julian Nagelsmann to remain as national coach after the European Championship at home. “He DFB Now he should try to extend Julián's contract. And if the DFB manages to sign him for a longer period, it would be good for German football,” said the general director of Borussia Dortmund of the Bundesliga in the podcast “Playmaker – The European Championship Talk with Sebastian Hellmann and 360Media”. Watzke is also vice-president of the DFB and regarding possible contract negotiations with Nagelsmann he said: “I will stay a bit on the sidelines so that no one says that I had influence.”

Nagelsmann has a clear idea of ​​“how football should be played.” It's very conceptual, it has the right combination. He was at Hoffenheim, he was at Leipzig, he was at Bayern: so far Julian has been successful everywhere. “If you have success with three clubs of different types, it is a good business card,” Watzke said.

After the cooling of relations between fans and the German national team following recent disappointing major events, Watzke believes that a new closeness can now emerge again. “I think the team is already prepared to reach the hearts of the Germans. And since Germans generally have a very emotional and very strong relationship with football, they are also easily flammable,” he stated.

Hamann: “Let's wait and see” how good the DFB team is

Saturday March 30, 2:28 p.m.: Former national player Dietmar Hamann warns against too much euphoria surrounding the German football team after recent successes in test matches in France and against them Netherlands. “Now let's wait and see,” the 50-year-old said on Sky on Saturday. The two games in Lyon (2-0) and in Frankfurt/Main (2-1) were “two good international games”, one after the other, nothing more. Hamann said he was “far away” from declaring the DFB team the top favorite for the summer European Championship.

“He still thinks that when it starts there will be three or four teams better than us,” said the television expert, who, however, stated that now things “look much better” than before, a few days before the games. . The national team and coach Julian Nagelsmann suffered two defeats last year Turkey and said goodbye to the winter holidays in Austria.

It is speculated that Nagelsmann will return to FC after the tournament Bayern Munich When he was able to go, Hamann hardly participated, saying: “At the moment I'm not too surprised by Bayern.”

New details on Nagelsmann: DFB considering special EM clause

Thursday, March 28, 10:30 a.m.: National coach Julian Nagelsmann's contract expires in the summer, after the European Championship in his country. But the DFB is willing to extend the contract of the former Bayern coach before the Euro. Nagelsmann himself would also like to be clear about his professional future before the tournament.

As the “Image“The newspaper reports that a conversation with the 36-year-old man will be held after Easter. The collaboration should continue until the 2026 World Cup. The DFB is studying a specific clause. Consequently, the contract extension would be invalidated if the DFB team were eliminated in the preliminary round in the summer. If the team falls in the round of 16, Nagelsmann is likely to continue his career as a national coach.

When Schilling listens to his song “Major Tom” after the DFB goal, he starts to cry

19:20: Singer Peter Schilling is proud and very impressed that his Neue Deutsche Welle hit “Major Tom” is being played as the goal anthem of the German football team. The song, released in 1982 and sold millions of times since, has been regularly requested for the past 40 years, for Hollywood films, international productions and advertising jingles. However, this is the highlight here. For me, as an artist, as an author, it doesn't get any better than that,” Schilling told pay-TV channel Sky on Wednesday: “That's incredible.”

In the 2-1 victory against the Netherlands on Tuesday, the DFB's new goal tune celebrated its debut in the Frankfurt Euro stadium when Maximilian Mittelstädt equalized. Thousands of fans had already voted in favor in an online petition. The DFB, which had nothing to do with the vote, quickly fulfilled the fan's wish. When Niclas Füllkrug scored the winning goal, the previous song “Kernkraft 400” by Zombie Nation was played again.

A small tear rolled down his face, Schilling said of his emotions as his song played after Mittelstädt's goal. The 68-year-old believes the chorus, in which a spaceship floats “completely weightless” and “completely separated from the earth,” is especially appropriate for the moment of celebration. “Then it leaves” – What more do you need? “That's a quintessential inning,” he said.

Euphoria for the European Championship at home increased by 75% after test matches

16:41: Thanks to the two victories over France and the Netherlands, the German national team is generating a euphoria that was not previously thought possible before the 2024 European Championship at home. This enthusiasm is also reflected in Sky's current representative rapid survey.

The euphoria for the European football championship increased by 75% compared to last week, before the international tests. Furthermore, identification with the DFB team increased by 4%.

Regarding the classification, 40% now believe that the German team will win the Euro Cup title (13% more). Almost one in two people cited the “strong team spirit” within the current squad as the key to successes against France and the Netherlands.

43% of those surveyed consider UEFA's decision to reject the fans' request for “Major Tom” as the goal anthem to be wrong.

From now on, Sky Sport News will periodically follow the evolution of the atmosphere around the European Championship in our own country. In the new format “If the match were tomorrow… – the German barometer”, representative surveys of those interested in football in Germany will be presented every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., in collaboration with the agency ONE8Y sports marketing. In addition to the survey results on recurring core questions, the development of which will be monitored over the coming months until the tournament, current topics relevant to the national team will also be asked.

Bierhoff hopes Nagelsmann stays in the DFB

15:55: Former DFB coach Oliver Bierhoff expects Julian Nagelsmann to remain national football coach after the European Championship at home. “I don't know what options the association has clarified. But Julian will certainly be the first point of contact,” Bierhoff said Wednesday on the sidelines of a press event at Berlin's Olympic Stadium. “He is a top-level coach. He also what I hear from those around me. Good communication. If he still wants to do it, I think that would be absolutely positive.”

Nagelsmann's contract ends after the Eurocup that the German team will open against Scotland on June 14 in Munich. The DFB would like to renew his contract before the start of the tournament. The coach himself continues to maintain a low profile.

Bierhoff was convinced of Nagelsmann's qualities. “Of course, the last two games were very positive,” said the 55-year-old coach, who worked for many years in the DFB until the end of 2022. “It was quite surprising that what he gave to the team could not be implemented in the games. previous”. Wins in friendlies against France and Holland, with clearly improved performances, were “the right sign in time for the European Championship.”

Matthew of DFB-Excited team: something big can happen

Wednesday, March 27, 5:10 am: For national player Lothar Matthäus, the DFB team is “in the narrow circle of favorites” in the local tournament after two victories in the first two matches of the European Championship year. “It's a relief for everyone involved and now they know what they can do,” Matthäus told RTL after the German team's 2-1 victory against the Netherlands on Tuesday afternoon in Frankfurt/Main: “I think something really big can happen in Germany. They had already won 2-0 in France last Saturday.

Matthäus is particularly impressed by the solidarity, “as I have known it since 1990,” said the 1990 world champion: “The morale is good, there is solidarity on the pitch.” He also trusts “that we will fight among ourselves and appear self-assured” that they support each other.

National coach Julian Nagelsmann played an important role in this with his risky but successful personnel changes in the squad, Matthäus said. “Now Julian Nagelsmann has re-nominated a little bit, he has reorganized the cards. I think that has been well received.”

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