Undeniable: Taylor Swift on her 'The Eras Tour' in Japan
Image: Reuters

Taylor Swift isn't just breaking records with her music, she's also moving crowds like no pop star before her. How he did it – and why he shouldn't be underestimated.

Taylor Swift is one of the most powerful people in the world right now, without any political office. Right now, he's outshining everyone in the music industry. His current “The Eras Tour” grosses more than Coldplay and Elton John, and the accompanying concert film is also the most successful of all time. As of last week, Swift became the first person to win the Album of the Year Grammy four times. Even Frank Sinatra couldn't do it.

Her success extends beyond music: executives are asking her to perform publicly in their countries, not just to please voters, but because Swift has become an economic force. And America's far-right is so afraid of her possible endorsement of Joe Biden that they are spreading conspiracy theories about Swift.