According to, comedian Oliver Pocher may have attended the recent Super Bowl game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers live. However, he initially decided against visiting the stadium as his days were already packed. Among other things, Pocher performed at an opera ball in Vienna and in his show “Liebeskasper” at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.

Oliver Pocher spontaneously wanted to watch the Super Bowl final

According to, Pocher then slipped into a one-piece Elvis Presley costume and suddenly felt like going to the world's biggest sports party. He had already married his best friend Mola Adebisi in a wedding suit. “This thing cost 85 dollars. There is still financial room for maneuver today…” Pocher told

Pocher started looking for tickets just six hours before the start of the game and then decided on three tickets in the “Mid-class car” category. reports that ticket prices were up to $35,000 shortly before the game. His three tickets cost $10,000, almost a bargain in comparison.

After the Super Bowl: After-Show Party with Calvin Harris

Pocher generously gave away two tickets to the people who accompanied him on his trip to Vegas, including a cameraman. After the sports event, we went to club LIV, where million dollar DJ Calvin Harris played. According to, the tickets for this after-show party were cheaper, good seats were available for less than a thousand euros.

Mola Adebisi and his great love Adelina tie the knot in Las Vegas. Oliver Pocher celebrated Mola Adebisi's wedding dressed as Elvis before watching the Super Bowl final.

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