TV chef Horst Lichter and his wife Nada (52) have been together for over 27 years. After proposing in the kitchen, they said yes and are very much in love in public to this day. According to rumors, however, the happiness of love had to be overshadowed by a crisis, as could be seen on social media a few months ago – speculation that the moderator of “Money for the rare” did not want to leave comments, because the chef is still more than satisfied with his nada and is happy to this day.

Horst Lichter's marriage began with a tragic incident

The 62-year-old man turned to his Instagram followers with a video and refuted all the rumors: “Me and my dear Nada are now turning 27 and I think the talk about a marriage crisis is really true “No “said Lichter.

Still, the TV chef and her husband have had a tough time since the beginning of their relationship was marked by a difficult stroke of fate, as they at least know.

Before Lichter, Nada was with her best friend

Horst and Nada met many years earlier, as “T-Online” also reports: the Croatian-born woman was the wife of Lichter's best friend at the time. In the 1990s, the 52-year-old waitress worked at Horst's “Oldiethek” restaurant. Instead of falling in love with Nada, the relationship looked quite different then: «I set them up together. “It was a great love between the two of them,” said Lichter in an interview with the magazine “Das Neue” a few years ago.

But then fate: Horst's friend, who was also Nada's husband, died of cancer, as Lichter looks back sadly. It was a big shock for both of them that seemed hard to process. But their shared grief eventually brought the two closer:

A stroke of fate connects Horst and Nada forever

Although Horst and Nadal did not initially develop feelings for each other, the two had a great understanding: “We watched each other's suffering,” T-Online also reported. Further: “At first, I didn't think that we could fall in love. I had to fight for a long time before we could openly admit that we belonged to each other.

To this day, the two of them have overcome all of life's obstacles together—they tied the knot in 2009 after eleven years together—and forever, “We both plan to see it through until I'm up at some point.” he said the star chef promises in his Instagram statement.

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