Things get serious tonight on “Let's Dance.” In the seventh show, the remaining nine dance couples compete again to the rhythm of the popular party dance Discofox. In a traditional Discofox marathon, they're not just looking for their Discofox champion. According to the motto “The Fox or the Fly”, the two couples will firmly say at the end of the show: “You've danced it out.”

These are the dances of the 7th show

Before the start of Fox's round, nine couples perform spectacular individual dances on the dance floor. The following dances are performed in the hands of their usual dance partners.

All information about the dance experts – They are the jury of the new season of “Let's Dance”.

All “Let's Dance” fans can expect emotional contemporaries of, for example, Tony Bauer (28) and Anastasia Stan (26) or Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24) and Valentin Lusin (37). Detlef D! On the other hand, Soost (53) and Jekaterina Leonova (36) are waiting with the rumba, while Gabriel Kelly (22) and Malika Dzumaev (33) are likely to fight again with their column for the victory.

2 pairs must go

In the following dance marathon, the catchy and exciting Discofox rhythms require above all creativity and initiative. Round after round, it's important to convince the jury and not let yourself be settled prematurely. Couples with glowing soles battle it out for the official title of “Let's Dance” Discofox.

But they also know: Since no one had to leave last week, the exciting “Let's Dance” journey is over for today for two couples. Only actor and singer Mark Keller (58) can calmly wait for today's competition. Thanks to last week's victory, he is saved today. For all other celebrities and couples, today is the time to go all out and let the fire go “One-Two-Kill-One-Two-Kill!”

“Let's Dance” is on RTL, i.e. at 20:15

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