SPortfreunde Stiller drummer Florian Weber says he owes it to his tattooist that he doesn't have the number 10 on his skin today. 24 years ago, he thought it would be “the coolest, most meaningful and most enviable tattoo in the world,” Weber, 49, told Playboy magazine in an interview. “I had never seen anything like it and I imagined everyone in the outdoor pool looking at my back, where I could see 10, Maradona's 1986 World Cup number.”

He still considers former Argentina captain Diego Maradona to be the greatest soccer player of all time. But: “The tattoo artist, to whom I confidently slapped the self-drawn graphics on the table in his studio, refused. I was devastated but he said it looked like shit.

“Diego remains the greatest”

For him, Maradona remains incomparable: “Ronaldo is a goal machine, I miss the human side. He is also a poser and a show-off. Messi is a good spirit, a skin tamer, a responsible gambler. But not Maradona.” And further: “Diego remains the greatest, also or especially because of his failures, drugs, prostitution or the scandal when he shot journalists with an air rifle,” said Weber, who is currently writing a book. Maradona Mío: My life with the best”.

The band Sportfreunde Stiller is closely related to football: the band's name is named after their former football coach, and with the song “54, 74, 90, 2006”, the trio provided the fan anthem for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Weber himself once had a trial with FC Bayern before focusing on music.