“Sometimes love is blind at first,” qualified psychologist and financial advisor Monika Müller is convinced. It's no surprise that people tend to let their partner have their way in the early stages of a relationship.

When it comes to finances in particular, there are some warning signs that should make men and women suspicious. Experts at financial startup Forget Finance explain when couples should start talking about this issue, before the problem grows.

1. The couple deliberately avoids the topic.

Talking openly about money issues in a relationship is important, says Monika Müller. This creates a deeper trust and therefore a healthy foundation. This also allows you to know if the financial ideas of the partners are compatible with each other.

However, if a man or woman deliberately avoids the topic, this may be a sign to investigate carefully. Forget Finance says it's important to keep an open mind because people don't want to talk about money for a variety of reasons.

2. Spend too much

Alarm bells should also ring if one of the partners spends money uncontrollably and loses track of expenses. This could lead to bills not being paid on time and debts accumulating. Anyone who wants to build a future together will have a harder time saving for emergencies and common goals.

3. Imbalance in spending money

Go to the movies or eat together? Inviting each other is a gesture of gratitude. However, if the impression arises that this happens in a very one-sided way, frustration quickly arises. That is why both must be clear about the financial possibilities of each one. This way, expenses can be shared more fairly.

4. Financial support from third parties

Does the working partner continue to receive financial support from his parents or another person? This may indicate, for example, that the person cannot handle money sensibly or that they have settled into a financial hammock. However, if the couple commits to changing this, the situation is not too problematic.

5. Secrets of money

Secret accounts? Overpriced purchases without prior agreement? Anyone who behaves like this with their partner generates a certain level of distrust. Therefore, suspicious cases like these should be discussed as soon as possible.

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