At the beginning of the 17th season of Tantsime, a big challenge awaits the participants. Newcomers don't just have to learn the choreography week after week, the visuals also have to be right. As we all know, the eye also eats when dancing, so the look is at least as important as the technique. It not only involves a lot of work, but also a lot of money.

Each “Let's Dance” dress is made to order

Each contestant's costume is custom-made and must be remade for each broadcast. This means not only high costs, but also a lot of work for the seamstresses.

On Friday after the show, the stars will be measured so that the first drafts of the new costumes can be planned on Saturday. The designs must be approved by the production company before the actual work can begin, one of the seamstresses told the Berliner Kurier.

That's how these clothes cost

The dresses must be ready by Wednesday evening so that the stars can try them on on Thursday. Things don't always go smoothly: last season, Knoss's costume tore on the side the day before the show. Such cases mean that seamstresses have to work particularly long night shifts.

But such clothes also come with huge costs. Because a “Let's Dance” dress costs €1,000-€3,000. Participants are not allowed to keep them, they are either recycled or sold by RTL. Celebrities can buy the dresses if they want.