His open nature has made him his profession and he stands up for fellow human beings: motivational speaker Biyon Kattilathu (39) deeply cares about the well-being of his fellow human beings. Above all, through his lectures, workshops and podcasts, he wants to motivate other people and support them in overcoming life's challenges.

Biyon himself has often had to deal with situations that pushed him to the limit. And that's exactly why the motivational speaker now wants to stand up for victims of emotional and psychological abuse: he's becoming an ambassador for cyberbullying.

Biyon received “very racist messages” and threats

Biyon happily announced the news on Instagram. The motivation trainer will cooperate with “Cybermobbing-Hilfe eV” in the future. “I am happy to be an ambassador of Cybermobbing-Hilfe eV! I think each of you knows how important and topical this topic is today,” he writes in his post on Instagram. Above all, the author seems to be shaped by her own experiences – she has often had to deal with cyberbullying and endured many comments, as she explains on Instagram: “I've had a lot of very racist things myself, especially in the last few months. Receiving messages and threats directed at my family and me. I can handle it well – others can't.”

Oliver Pocher shoots at Biyon Kattilathu

Some of the attacks against Biyon also came from a familiar direction, as especially Oliver Pocher (45) has repeatedly made fun of the author in recent months. But the 39-year-old now wants to make something positive out of all the negative experiences and knows “first-hand what bullying means, how bad it can affect you and what it does,” as she said in her press release. Cyberbullying Help eV explains.

The board sees great potential in Biyon and his work

On Instagram, he tries to sensitize his viewers to the topic. He also explains to his fans the huge consequences of bullying: “Cyberbullying can have serious consequences such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks and even suicide.” To prevent this, Biyon wants to do something and is enthusiastic about the association's work. does on a daily basis: “I am delighted that initiators are starting directly on the ground with workshops in schools and also providing direct help through chat to children, teenagers and young adults who want to open up anonymously.”

The cooperation is not only an honor for the motivation trainer: Lukas Pohland, the first board member of “Cybermobbing Help”, is also happy about the cooperation: “Biyon motivates people every day. His experience is a great support for our prevention work.”

And Biyon's fans are also convinced that he is perfect for the position of ambassador. Many people on Instagram are happy with the news, commenting on the post: “You are exactly the right person,” one user confirms, while another writes: “You're going to be a really big deal. Big kudos to the founder.”