In recent days there have been increasing reports that Julian Nagelsmann is the new leading candidate to succeed Thomas Tuchel. Consequently, the discussions were between the coaches' side and the FCB very advanced.

At the latest, after his advisor Volker Struth publicly announced that he was carrying out concrete negotiations with Bayern, there were many indications that the 36-year-old would return to Isar. Even more surprising is the fact that Nagelsmann decides to stay in the DFB and decided against FC Bayern.

Two things made Nagelsmann doubt Bayern's comeback

As Sky journalist Kerry Hau reports, Max Eberl and Christoph Freund campaigned hard for Nagelsmann to be signed. Therefore, he was the new preferred candidate after the setback with Xabi Alonso.

According to Hau, however, there were critical voices on the supervisory board. In particular, former club boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge spoke out against Nagelsmann's return. Uli Hoeneß, for his part, seemed open to a comeback campaign.

According to Sky, this disagreement in the control committee ultimately led to Nagelsmann not having a “good feeling” about returning to Säbener Straße and ultimately choosing the DFB over Bayern.

Another problem from Nagelsmann's point of view was the upcoming European Football Championship. Nagelsmann should have been involved in the restructuring of FC Bayern's squad at the same time as Euro 2024 was taking place. Two gigantic tasks that would have been difficult to combine.

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By Vjekoslav Keskic


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