A real hobby cook. 50-year-old Thomas from Stuttgart regularly cooks for his wife, child and mother-in-law. Thomas would never have dreamed of getting on television with his hobby. But because he wanted to impress his wife, Jasmin, during the first dating phase (“Men who cook are sexy, right?”), the native and staunch Cologne resident devoted himself intensively to the art of cooking for the first time and discovered his heart for her. hometown Stuttgart. Serving something Swabian at a “perfect dinner” is too exotic for a sales manager in the paper industry. He prefers to focus on Asian dishes.

The candidate is too sharp: “I really have to fight”

Thomas is actively supported in the kitchen by his mother-in-law Su and son Moritz. In front of the camera, Thomas motivates the slightly self-conscious boy to sing his football club's anthem several times – while Moritz (“Everything my dad makes is delicious”) prefers to mix yuzu mayonnaise. Even when Jasmin appears on stage with a freshly bought organic chicken, Thomas turns up the heat: “They want to know what you do for a living. My dear is a dentist with his own practice!

Thomas cooks his ambitious menu with similar enthusiasm. For the main course, Thai curry, things get particularly complicated: how much spice can the Stuttgart dinner group tolerate? “If the host decides that I give people Tinder, then we have to sweat,” Fabienne, who is not particularly open to Asian cuisine, prepares for the worst. When tasting, his prediction comes true: “I really have to fight – I don't feel any aromas, only spiciness. Hell in your mouth!” – “It won't pass you by without a trace,” Laura (27) confirms the “taste explosion”, but she likes curry as much as Sabrina. Both thought the starter (tuna tartar with avocado cream and mango) was somehow neutral.

Experience Menu: Dessert is amazing

But the biggest surprise lies in the cheesecake. Like a proud little boy, Thomas presents his decoration with a pop-up shower – and soon it will be buzzing and crackling on the guest's palate just like when he was a child. “Great idea!” says Laura happily and agrees with her group: Despite the “dry chicken and hard carrot” of the hell curry, it was an experience menu.

Christoph gives ten points again. Therefore, it is also the winning menu with 34 points, just one point ahead of the second place trio of Laura, Fabienne and Sabrina. So everyone had a wonderful “Taste of the Rhine”, as was the motto of day 5 – and soon they are generously invited to the restaurant with the winner Thomas: “Let's do everything together.”

The original of this article “It's in the mouth of hell”: The spicy finale of “The perfect dinner” is from Teleschau.

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