Although the current season of “Let's Dance” has not yet ended, RTL is already receiving new applications. At least the pop star Anita Hofmann is already unofficially applying to participate in the dance show. Other celebrities like actor Mark Keller or motivational speaker Detlef D are currently dancing! Gender on the dance floor, but who knows, maybe a pop star will be dancing soon.

Anita Hofmann: “I hereby apply for “Let's Dance”!”

He is already used to the stage and a lot of attention. Although Anita Hofmann is particularly impressive with her singing at big pop shows, she would be confident enough to dance on Let's Dance. In an interview with, the singer now reveals that he is a big fan of the dance show: “I would take part immediately if they were interested. I love Let's Dance.

And because he is so serious, the pop singer even goes a step further: «I hereby apply to «Let's Dance»! I already have comfortable shoes on – so I can get started.

By participating in Let's Dance, Anita Hofmann would follow in the footsteps of many other pop stars. For example, Maite Kelly won the show in 2011 with professional dancer Christian Polanci. In 2014, Alexander Klaws won with Isabel Edvardsson. And Vanessa Mai, Ella Finally and Stefanie Hertel could also give him some useful tips.

The current season of “Let's Dance” runs every Friday at 20:15 on RTL and stream

The original of this article “Pop singer Anita Hofmann wants to dance on the show “Let's Dance” comes from TV Spielfilm.

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