Host and singer Giovanni Zarrella has been with his current wife Jana Ina for 20 years. The couple had two children, but they keep them out of the public eye. Their son Gabriel Bruno was born in 2008. Five years later, a daughter followed, whose name is still unknown. Now Jana Ina is giving her almost 850,000 Instagram fans a rare and funny insight into her life as a mother.

Jana Ina Zarrella fails in small talk with her child

So he posts a video on Instagram showing him sitting in a car and waiting. One of his children gets into the car – probably his daughter. However, you can only see Jana Ina. He tries to start a conversation with the teenager.

“And honey, how was it? “Was everything good today?” asks Jana Ina euphorically. The answer is a terse “yes”. “Yes, everything was fine for me,” Jana Ina tries again, although no one asked how she was feels. “Did you see how it rained today?” The answer is a short “Mhm”.

Jana Ina does not give up, tells what she has done that day, asks: “And how was your day.” And even then, Jana Ina doesn't seem so happy anymore. “Good. Period. Nothing more to say. Who knows?” he asks his roughly 850,000 followers.

Mothers feel this situation: “I feel this way”

The video titled “Small talk with my teen” has been liked almost 26,000 times in one day. Many users share their experiences. “I feel like this,” writes one, embellishing the comment with a few laughing emojis. “I know that too well,” says another. “How do you know how we're doing?” another user jokes. Someone else shares their experiences with teenage small talk: “I know that. Our son (13) only answers: “Finish school.” It can only get better!”

At least Jana Ina Zarrella still seems to take half of her monologue with humor. The presenter has been with singer Giovanni Zarrella for 20 years. Only recently, the two were very intimate with each other on social media.

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