Laura Wontorra, one of Germany's most sought-after presenters, delights her Instagram community of more than 480,000 subscribers with regular insight into her professional and private life. On her profile, she often shares stylish outfit posts, behind-the-scenes impressions of shows like “Grill den Henssler” or “100 percent Bundesliga” and idyllic vacation photos. A recent post by the daughter of renowned soccer commentator Jörg Wontorra shows a side of the 35-year-old that fans rarely see: completely natural and without makeup.

Laura Wontorra: Random at the airport

In a new Instagram picture, “Wonti” poses on an airport bench. He is wearing a thin black sweater and baggy light blue jeans. It is ripped wide open from her thigh to her knee. But it is the host's face that inspires his nearly 500,000 fans.

Because Laura is completely without makeup. No lipstick, no eye shadow, no earrings. Instead, she presents herself naturally and with slightly tousled hair. The 35-year-old beams at the camera. However, in the text accompanying his photo, he draws attention to his stressful daily work.

Fans are absolutely thrilled: 'Much better than all the makeup'

“Airport kisses,” the TV star writes along with a kiss emoticon. “There's a lot going on at work right now – and that includes a lot of travel.” He says that a vitamin drink would give him a lot of energy. Followers of the presenter of “Grill den Henssler” do not see fatigue in the picture, but bring out natural beauty.

Within a few hours, the post was liked nearly 10,000 times. Plus, there are a lot of compliments. “Very pretty, much better than full makeup,” writes one user. Another rejoices: «And finally a woman who dares to present herself here without makeup. Thanks for that!” Another short comment reads: “Natural beauty”. Read also: “Really beautiful, without makeup!” Unvarnished truth is not necessarily bad.

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