According to the “Bild” newspaper, Sonja Zietlow, the host of the jungle camp, missed her stepmother's funeral. The funeral service was held at the American Church in Bonn, attended by about 30 guests. Zietlow, who recently returned from Australia after filming Jungle Camp, would not comment on why he was not at his stepmother's funeral.

At the time of her stepmother's death, Sonja Zietlow was in Australia hosting a jungle camp with Jan Köppen. He couldn't say goodbye to his stepmother in person. Instead, he sent a welcome message during the RTL jungle camp: “Today I would like to send a small greeting to the staff of the intensive care unit of the Evangelical Hospital in Bergisch Gladbach. Thank you very much,” said the 55-year-old man.

Sonja Zietlow's father also died during the filming of Jungle Camp

The circumstances are tragically reminiscent of a similar event 15 years ago. As “Bild” reported, Sonja Zietlow, the host of Jungle Camp, received the news of her father Klaus' death while filming in Australia.

Her stepmother's memorial service lasted 35 minutes and came more than two weeks after her death. According to “Bild”, Sonja Zietlow's name was missing from the list of mourners and also from the grave decorations. Nothing is known about the background.

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