Here we go again: The final season of Germany's Next Top Model starts on February 15, 2024. The broadcaster has now revealed 20 models. There are 10 men and 10 women.

Even before the 19th season of Germany's Next Top Model starts on Thursday, February 15, on ProSieben, Heidi Klum will appear in an extensive marketing campaign with ten of her male and ten female candidates in two different motifs. Photographed by star photographer Rankin in Berlin. Twenty models were selected by Heidi Klum herself as part of the challenge. He even recorded the theme song for the new season of GNTM.

These 10 men are participating in Germany's Next Top Model

Max (20, Berlin)

The native of Koblenz currently lives in Berlin. Max works full-time as a model and has already participated in various marketing and magazine shoots. She also appeared in various commercials and fashion weeks. Besides his ambitious work to win #GNTM 2024, he enjoys listening to music and playing sports. His daily companions include his dog Balou and his cat Mohammed.

Frieder (25, Berlin)

Frieder is an independent artist with a master's degree in fashion design. He loves creative variety – from drawing to styling. In terms of sports, he likes swimming, trampoline and working out. Her passion is embodying emotions in front of the camera. As a model, she dreams of fantasy edits, from realistic mermaid tails to floating fairy wings.

Linus (25, Berlin)

He was born in Bavaria, currently lives in Berlin and studies business management. Linus likes to spend his free time with close friends or at the gym. The 25-year-old man has already had his first modeling experiences in the e-commerce sector, as he has already stepped in front of the camera several times in the show “About You”. She's excited to see how Heidi Klum rates her chances at #GNTM. However, Linus is convinced that he can score points with his positive nature and ambition.

Marvin (22, Bielefeld)

Marvin brings royal blood to #GNTM as his father, Didi, is the king of Suma-Ahenkro, the Ghanaian town where he grew up. Today, the 22-year-old lives in Bielefeld and studies social work. He also works as a student assistant in a supermarket. One of her biggest passions is singing because it allows her to give free rein to her sensitive and emotional side. He also discovered his passion for fashion as a child. He likes to be in front of the camera or take pictures himself.

Aldin (22, Munich)

Aldin studies archeology in Munich and has a great passion for modeling. Her hobbies: drawing, sewing and face painting, especially during Halloween. He also enjoys being outside, whether it's rollerblading, swimming or a simple fruit gym day. Music accompanies him constantly, he sings to himself and dances passionately. At the age of seven, he started Bosnian folk dancing and thereby developed his posture and sense of tact.

Felix (20, Passau)

Felix grew up on a farm in a large family with three younger siblings. He has completed his secondary school leaving certificate and is now studying media and communication. The 20-year-old feels that he belongs to the queer community and is enthusiastic about the art of drag. Felix especially wants to highlight this side both on fashion stages and in #GNTM shoots and campaigns.

Julian (24, Frankfurt)

Julian is a filmmaker, content creator and lives for sports, from sports and kickboxing to wakeboarding, kitesurfing and surfing. Passionate about photography and filmmaking, he enjoys traveling and dreams of the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora. His biggest wish? To grow old like his twin brother.

Jermaine (19, Kassel)

Jermaine is a self-employed influencer and model. Her biggest success in modeling? Pan-European adidas 2022 campaign. In addition to her modeling career, she loves fitness, occasional athletics, meeting friends and spending time with her family. Korean fried chicken and crème brûlée, bubble tea with tapioca or Cola Zero are his favorites. A perfect Saturday night for a 19-year-old includes cooking, listening to music, painting wine glasses, or driving and looking at the stars.

Pitzi (33, Hamburg)

Pitzi already knows the modeling world from the outside: she has worked for ten years as a hair and make-up artist specializing in hair extensions, which has often allowed her to take a look behind the scenes of TV productions and shoots. With his trained eye, the 33-year-old now wants to venture onto international catwalks himself. When not freelancing on set, Pitz devotes her life to her French bulldog, Spike. In addition, the Hamburg native likes to let off steam creatively and artistically in his studio.

Maximilian (21, Vienna)

Born in Austria, he is at home in the world of pleasure: Maximilian works full-time as a barista and loves to cook in his spare time. She has also discovered another great passion for herself: modeling. The 21-year-old knows exactly what talents he brings as a male model and is confident that his determined nature will take him far in #GNTM.

These are the 10 female candidates in GNTM

Sara (28, Berlin)

Born in Poland, he is a trained media designer and barista. In her spare time, she likes to paint and design, do crafts and is enthusiastic about movies. Reading is almost a daily routine for him. He is passionate about cooking recipes from all over the world and is interested in gastronomy in general. The 28-year-old woman's big role models are her grandparents. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a model and a lawyer. Will he fulfill any of those wishes this year?

Lea (24, Düsseldorf)

The Düsseldorf native works as a business developer and is studying retail design in his 7th semester. Creative thinking is his passion, be it through drawings, home remodeling or 3D projects. He loves Sudoku and dreams of traveling to Lapland to see the northern lights. Perfect Sunday? It starts with a sleep-in, caramel macchiato, avocado omelette, and Netflix with your boyfriend.

Lydwine (21, Lemgo)

Lydwine would love to travel the world. He finds Tokyo to be a particularly inspiring city. As part of modeling, she could imagine getting to know different countries and cultures. The 21-year-old woman is currently devoting herself to studying interior design. In his spare time, the Cameroonian loves to dance and edit his videos.

Fabienne (20, Solingen)

Born in Senegal, Fabienne is a dental assistant with a passion for the fashion industry. He has already gained experience there, including at Esprit. In addition to his professional activities, his hobbies are horse riding and drawing. In addition to pasta, the 20-year-old also loves “unhealthy” delicacies such as pizza, burgers and fries. Fabienne's childhood dream was always to be a top model and a princess.

Xenia (23, courtyard)

Xenia is from Hof ​​an der Saale and stayed in her hometown. She devotes her studies to special education, while she is passionate about acting. When watching movies, he likes to analyze the acting and imagine what it's like on the set. On weekends, he is happy to sleep until 1 pm.

Leoni (25, Hannover)

Leoni is studying to be a primary school teacher and has already gained experience in the fashion field. In addition to his studies, he is an enthusiastic athlete, be it racing or playing ball. He appreciates socializing with friends, be it cooking, going to the cinema or just chatting. The 25-year-old enjoys time and quality time with her family and boyfriend. Chocolate, summer rolls and wraps are her favorite foods and morning coffee is a must.

Lilian (24, Hannover)

Like her mother, Lilian works as a teacher. But her dream job since childhood has been modelling, which she also does outside of #GNTM. In 2018, he signed a three-year contract with the agency and shot commercials for Zalando, Adidas, Reebok and C&A, among others. Besides work, the 24-year-old woman always takes time for herself. He prefers to use journaling or long walks for this purpose. Apart from that, she also likes to go to the gym or meet her friends, who especially appreciate Lilian's positive and humorous side.

Alexandra (21, Erfurt)

Alexandra is currently training to become a master roofer. He prefers to eat Asian vegetables with tofu and rice. When it comes to drinking, he relies on tea and still water, occasionally preferring cocktails. As a child, he dreamed of a riding stable. Today, however, he lives his passion for roofs and motorcycle riding.

Lilli (22, Mannheim)

22-year-old Lilli is studying German and political science at the University of Mannheim. In addition to his studies, he is an enthusiastic lover of vintage fashion and appreciates rap and hip-hop culture. Lilli is creatively active, enjoys cooking for friends and family, and has had her own TikTok account for two years.

Kadidja (21, Vienna)

Italy, Austria and Senegal: the Kadidja family combines very different cultures. He grew up with two older siblings, his sister Mona being one of his biggest role models. The 21-year-old woman describes herself as an adventurous and fun-loving person. She currently works as a beautician and enjoys sports such as soccer and cheerleading in her spare time. In addition, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Brandon, whom the Austrian has been with for three years.

ProSieben will show GNTM every Thursday at 20:15 from February 15, 2024.