King Charles suffering from cancer: Prince William thanks him for well wishes

22:01: Prince William thanked his father King Charles for his recovery from cancer at a charity gala in London. “I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the good messages that Catherine and my father have received, especially in the last few days. “It means a lot to all of us,” the 41-year-old said in a speech at a charity event for the London Air Ambulance Society on Wednesday night. Referring to the royal family's latest news, she added: “It's fair to say there's been more medical attention in recent weeks. So I thought I'd come to the Air Rescue event to get away from it all.

William once worked as a rescue helicopter pilot. He is a patron of the London Air Ambulance Charity, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. At the event, William also met Hollywood star Tom Cruise, who he happily greeted, as the pictures showed. In the morning, the heir to the throne presented the medals and decorations of the British royal family at Windsor Castle in his first appearance since the announcement of Charles' cancer.

Harry is on his way home to Los Angeles again

15:25: Prince Harry is on his way home after a 24-hour stay in Britain. As the Daily Mail reports, Harry was spotted at Heathrow Airport.

The day before, he reportedly met his father for a 45-minute conversation. Harry traveled to London shortly after the palace announced the 75-year-old's cancer diagnosis to the public on Monday.

According to tabloid “The Sun”, Charles had his helicopter specially maintained to see his son, who had traveled from California. British media saw the meeting as a positive sign of rapprochement between the feuding royal families. Charles and Queen Camilla were then seen in good spirits in the back seat of the car. They are said to have taken a helicopter to their estate in Sandringham, East England.

As the Daily Mail reports, Harry has reportedly not met his brother Prince William and sister Kate during his brief stay in the UK.

All eyes on Prince William: First appearance since dad Charles' cancer diagnosis

14:48: Crown Prince William has made his first public appearance since it was revealed that King Charles has cancer. The 41-year-old presented the medals and decorations of the British royal family at Windsor Castle on Wednesday morning. Among others, Ellen White, the most productive soccer player of the England team, who won the 2022 European Championship with the Lionesses, received the award. In the pictures, William could be seen in uniform chatting with the athlete in the grand hall of the castle. He was expected that evening at a fund-raising gala for the London Air Rescue Company.

The world's eyes are now likely to be on the Prince of Wales, who recently took a break from his royal duties to look after their children while his wife Princess Kate, 42, was in hospital. Kate recently underwent abdominal surgery and is expected to recover until Easter.

King Charles holds a weekly audience with the Prime Minister by phone

Wednesday, February 7 at 2:43 p.m.: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's weekly audience with King Charles III. is happening this week by phone because of monarch cancer. Sunak's spokesperson told reporters in London on Wednesday that the prime minister would speak with Charles on the phone the same day. “Generally, we do not comment on the Prime Minister's discussions with the King, nor do we make a habit of doing so,” the spokesman said. “However, in this particular case, we have agreed with the palace that they will speak later on the phone.”

The weekly audience is usually held in person at Buckingham Palace in London. The palace announced on Monday that Charles had been diagnosed with cancer, but gave no further details. They just said it wasn't prostate cancer. Charles is treated on an outpatient basis. The king should not appear in public for so long.

The 75-year-old man traveled by helicopter from the capital of Great Britain to Sandringham, a royal estate in Norfolk County in the eastern part of England, on Tuesday.

The first photo of Charles after his cancer diagnosis

16:55: Now, the first photo of King Charles since his cancer diagnosis was announced. He then leaves Clarence House with his wife Camilla.

Monarch undergoing treatment – Harry lands in London after Charles' cancer diagnosis – without Meghan

Prince Harry has already landed in London following Charles' cancer diagnosis

14:16: Less than a day after King Charles' cancer diagnosis was announced, his son Prince Harry has already arrived in Britain. The British media reported it unanimously. This is notable because Harry has recently canceled home visits. Harry landed at London's Heathrow Airport at noon. His wife, Duchess Meghan, remains with their children in their adopted home in California/USA.

Good prognosis for King Charles – cancer was detected early

Tuesday, February 6 at 7:17 a.m.: There is now a glimmer of hope following King Charles' cancer diagnosis: the prognosis is “good”, according to the Daily Mail. “Charles and his doctors are very, very confident,” the report said. As the newspaper writes, the disease was discovered very early. Despite his diagnosis, Charles displays an amazingly positive attitude and continues to dedicate himself to his tasks. This really impressed his family and friends.

King Charles III wants to continue weekly meetings with the British Prime Minister

21:05: King Charles III continues to meet weekly with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak despite being diagnosed with cancer. This is reported by the BBC. It is understood appropriate precautions are being taken as the King's doctors advise him to minimize personal contact.

US President Joe Biden: “I'm worried about him”

20:35: “I'm worried about him,” US President Joe Biden said during a visit to Las Vegas. He wants to call King Charles later.

King Charles III It is said that he personally informed his family that he had cancer

20:21: It is assumed that King Charles III. personally informed his immediate family of his diagnosis. These include her sons Prince William and Prince Harry and siblings Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

British PM sends best wishes: 'There's no doubt he'll be back to full strength soon'

19:55: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wished King Charles III. Get well soon: “I wish Her Majesty a full and speedy recovery. I have no doubt he will be back to full strength quickly and I know the whole country wishes him well.

Prince Harry is coming home from King Charles III's cancer. Home

19:27: His son Prince Harry is said to have already spoken to the king about his cancer diagnosis and will travel to the UK to visit him in the coming days. This is reported by the BBC.

First report from February 5: with the British King Charles III. has been diagnosed with cancer. Buckingham Palace made the announcement on Monday evening. It was first reported by the British broadcaster BBC.

Although the British head of state was treated for prostate problems, it is said not to be prostate cancer. According to a palace spokesperson, the cancer was discovered during prostate treatment. What kind of cancer it was, the stage of the disease was not disclosed.

King Charles III has cancer – treatment has already begun

Charles is said to have started routine treatment on Monday. Buckingham Palace said the king was very positive about his treatment and was looking forward to returning to public service as soon as possible.

By going public, the king wanted to preempt emerging rumors, according to a palace statement. “Her Majesty has chosen to share her diagnosis to avoid speculation and in the hope that it will contribute to the public's understanding of all cancer sufferers around the world.”

Until further notice, Charles is expected to postpone public appearances on the advice of his doctors. He is expected to be represented by other senior members of the British royal family. The king continued state affairs.