Prince Harry had filed a lawsuit against the publisher, Mirror Group Newspapers, but the legal dispute was settled a few days ago. He should now receive a “significant” amount in compensation.

Prince Harry, 39, reached a settlement with British publisher Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) in the phone hacking process and settled the remaining parts of his lawsuit. This is reported by the BBC, among others. Prince Harry's lawyer said the 39-year-old will receive “significant” compensation from the publisher of British tabloid The Daily Mirror, as well as legal costs. According to the BBC, the total amount is about 300,000 pounds (approx. 351,000 euros), while according to other British media it is 400,000 pounds (approx. 469,000 euros).

Prince Harry 'mission continues'

Prince Harry won a partial victory against the British media group MGN as early as December 2023. The responsible court ruled that Harry was illegally spied on and awarded him damages equal to just over €160,000. However, the proceedings only dealt with 33 of the 148 articles raised by Harry's legal team. The first judgment named 15 of the 33 articles investigated as having been created through illegal hacking. Therefore, the royal wanted all the remaining items to be examined in another trial.

After the settlement was announced, Prince Harry's lawyer, David Sherborne, read a statement on his behalf at the High Court in which the 39-year-old insisted that MGN had been “shockingly dishonest” for so many years. He also criticized the then editor of the Daily Mirror, Piers Morgan, 58, who knew very well what was going on. Prince Harry added in a statement regarding the fight with the British press: “As I said in December, our mission continues. I believe in the positive change it will bring for all of us. That's the real reason I started the project and why I see it through to the end.” MGN, now owned by publisher Reach PLC, expressed delight at the deal with Prince Harry, according to the BBC, and now wants to “put the separation events of many years behind us.”

Author (jom/spot)