Yesterday there was a change of partners in the show “Let's Dance”. The special edition touched on the bonus point, no celebrity had to leave.

Mark Keller won the Season 17 bonus point with his Paso Doble on “Let's Dance.” This means that the actor and his professional partner Kathrin Menzinger will start the next show with a small lead over the other participants. For the special competition of the RTL dance show on Friday night, the previous dance couples were separated from each other and remixed. “Many highlights! The partner swap was a great idea, I would love to do it again. A new challenge is always nice and exciting!” said fans on social media.

Mark Keller, 58, the current oldest contestant on “Let's Dance,” won 25 jury points with his swap partner, Ekaterina Leonova — even though he had a weak start to the season. “I probably really need a bonus point in the next show,” Keller said after the race on RTL's “Exclusiv Spezial”.

On Instagram, among others, there were words of praise from the permanent dancer of the “Bergdoktor” star: “So proud of you @markkeller_official. And a thousand thanks to @ekatleonova for the wonderful cooperation! Love you!” written by Kathrin Menzinger.

Only one pair was better in the jury's vote

Before the audience vote, only choreographer Detlef D was better! Gender and short-term partner Kathrin Menzinger. Dance coach Motsi Mabuse praised Soost's restraint during the Viennese waltz, which sometimes allowed her partner to emerge.

Jury Joachim Llambi pointed out minor missteps but praised the two's impact on the audience: “You were there, you stayed there.” The three-member jury gave them nine points for each – they could not get more than 27 points. that evening by the competition judges. However, thanks to the public vote, Keller got away from Soo.

Previous model dancer Gabriel Kelly (22), who received full marks from the judges in the last show, weakened. With his temporary partner Anastasia Stan, he performed a slow fox and did not convince Llamb.

Lulu Lewe gets a second chance

“He wasn't my favorite today,” was the verdict of the toughest “Let's Dance” jury. “We love Gabriel like a ray of sunshine, but you also scratch the facade,” jury member Motsi Mabuse referred to her temporary favorite role and the resulting pressure. Kelly only got 23 jury points.

No one had to be eliminated in this special show – it was a bonus point, which will be added to the jury's score in the next show. However, it became known who it would have hit: Lulu Lewe, Sarah Connor's sister and singer herself, along with professional Alexandru Ionel.

He now has a second chance with his real-life dance partner Massimo Sinató in the upcoming show on April 18 – a Discofox marathon. However, two pairs must be eliminated.

From the German Press Agency (dpa)

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