Comedian Luke Mockridge (35) talked about his past dealings with women in an interview with “Stern” and described his vision of a long mess on social media. “I had an almost athletic motivation to pick up women,” Mockridge admitted in the interview. “I can take responsibility for my wrongdoing and say: I was an asshole and I'm sorry.”

Luke Mockridge: Hero story when you cleared one yesterday

He “led a very outrageous nightlife early on,” Mockridge reported. “I wanted to party as hard as other people who are not famous, I wanted to drink, go crazy, rip off the wall and jump from the DJ booth into the crowd.” He comes from “a generation where it's still the heroic stories of when you 'got one yesterday'. There are tunes and pats. From today's perspective: late puberty. Uncool.” He doesn't want to deny “that I was partying too much. It just has nothing to do with the rape charge, which has long been legally dropped.

His party behavior can be criticized and classified as a human transgression. The second is an act that I did not commit,” he added, referring to the statements of the summer of 2021: At that time, he himself gave a statement on social networks about the accusations against him and the complaint of his ex-partner, who, according to his own information, perceived the incident together as an attempt at rape. Mockridge denied the charges, and the Cologne prosecutor's office dropped the case. His ex-partner's attorney could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

After the allegations became known in 2021, the comedian withdrew from the public for a long time. “I asked friends, doctors and therapists: Is there something I didn't see? No matter how many times I think back to our relationship, there was nothing violent about it. “I don't blame myself,” Mockridge emphasized. In the interview, she also talks about the suicidal thoughts presented to her In light of the allegations, a friend eventually arranged for him to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

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