Whoever blows up, it's good to be gentle, especially in traffic – especially if, as here, there is no ill intent.
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Is our society becoming more and more unforgiving? In an interview, psychotherapist Sina Haghiri often talks about the unwillingness to sympathize with others, the lack of empathy and why anger is healthy for the psyche.

Mr. Haghiri, your recently published book is called “Tolerance”. Patience – what a beautiful word indeed!

I also felt that the word tolerance did not have that connotation. That it has somehow fallen behind us as a term. It seems to me that now is the right time to bring him out of oblivion.

How to breathe life back into pleasure?

The definition of tolerance is first and foremost an understanding of human weakness and fallibility. In ourselves and in others. I asked a lot of people during the writing process: If you were allowed to take the stage, how would you stage concessions? Very different approaches emerged. For my own enjoyment, my first image is this: A child has broken something while playing, but without actually noticing it, so that he does not know what he has done; Then I see an adult who does not take it personally, but deals with it calmly, because he does not suspect the child's evil intention.

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