EMark Forster's tour bus had an accident on Sunday evening. “One of our night liners had an accident after tonight's concert in Kiel,” the singer wrote on his Instagram story on Sunday afternoon.

The incident apparently went smoothly. “A big shock, but everything is fine. No one was hurt, no one was hurt,” Forster continued. He himself was not on board.

The bus crashed into a guard rail during a stop on the Autobahn 24 near Reinbek in Schleswig-Holstein early Sunday morning. The accident happened around 5:00 a.m., a spokesperson for the Southern Regional Command Center said. The bus driver had previously stopped briefly on the shoulder.

The bus was found by a towing company. The musicians were able to continue their journey towards Berlin with a replacement bus.

“Drive Out Carefully”

“Thank you to all the guardian angels and we look forward to the next dates of this incredibly fulfilling tour,” Forster wrote on Instagram. He had another request for his fans: “Drive out carefully.”

Mark Forster, real name Mark Ćwiertnia, is known for songs like “Au Revoir” and “The Day After Tomorrow”. In the years 2017-2022, he was also a coach in the casting show “Voice of Germany”. The current arena tour will not only take him through Germany, but also Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland.

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