Here you have to look twice because the former national player Mesut Özil is hardly recognizable. The 35-year-old trains diligently and achieves it On Instagram proudly shown to his almost 28 million followers. The hard training seems to have paid off: Özil is now a real muscular man.

Mesut Özil trains with heavy weights

On Instagram, the former Real Madrid player shows himself in the gym with big weights. The 35-year-old man holds a 50 kilo dumbbell in each hand and uses it to train his shoulders. At first glance, Özil is barely recognizable; It seems as if the size of his arm has practically doubled. In recent months, the former professional footballer has undergone a physical transformation: from an athletic but slender physique to a muscular powerhouse. Mesut posted an emoji wearing sunglasses and a flag of his adopted homeland alongside the photo. Türkiye.

Mesut Özil's personal trainer and his relationship with the “Gray Wolves”

The video shared by Mesut was published by personal trainer Alper Aksaç, who has appeared on Özil's profile for several months. The two men not only share a passion for sport, but have also become good friends: “You were my idol, now you are my idol and my older brother,” Aksaç writes about a photo with the footballer.

Another photograph, which shows the two men showing off their toned bellies, sparks another discussion: Mesut Özil's chest is adorned with a tattoo: three crescents and a howling wolf, a symbol of the “Gray Wolves,” a far-right movement. that in Germany even the Office for the Protection of the Constitution observes this situation. However, it is unclear whether the two men also share his political views.

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