A season in Playa without Mia Julia in the cult bar “Bierkönig”? Unthinkable for many die-hard Malle fans. But exactly this difficulty can happen in 2024. According to “Bild” newspaper, Ballermann's colleague Frenzy signed a contract with “Bierkönig” on Wednesday. The day before, on Tuesday, Julian Sommer also did it. He scored a huge hit in 2023 with Mia Julia and the song “Peter Pan”. But what about Mia Julia?

Mia Julia Mallorca plans

Because: Both talents are signed to Mia Julia's husband's manager, Peter Brückner. Of course, Mia Julia is also taken care of by her husband. “We have been intensively negotiating follow-up contracts with the beer king on an equal footing for about four months. For all fans of Frenzy, Julian Sommer, Rumbombe, Malle Anja, Sabotage and Specktakel, we can announce the good news that they will appear regularly,” Brückner told Bild. You'll have to do without Mia Julia – at least in a big way.

Mia Julia will perform in Mallorca this summer only once a week, every Thursday at 8 p.m. The reason for the significantly reduced performance load is due to scheduling conflicts with summer festivals. “He also cuts his appearances by about half,” Brückner confirms.

Therefore, Mia Julia Ballermann made a radical decision

The singer, who started her career in the porn industry, also explains her decision as follows: «The last eleven years have been like a rush for me, I loved it and I still love it. As reported last year, I need to pay more attention to my body and myself and slow down a bit. Between performances of Ballermann from Thursday to Sunday, he traveled to Germany, Austria or Luxembourg for further performances.

He promises: “I know where I'm coming from and I'm definitely not saying goodbye to Mallorca. Of course I'd like to play as much as before, but I have to be sensible!”

The original of this article “Mia Julia's radical decision: Is she going to resign from Ballermann?” comes from BUNTE.de.

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