In tonight's sixth episode of Let's Dance, it's all different – not only are the celebs dancing with a brand new dance partner after their announced partner switch, hosts Daniel Hartwich, 45, and Victoria Swarovski, 30, have another news for their Dancing Couples that brings relief after a difficult partner change .

Big Partner Swap Episode: Dancing couples can breathe a sigh of relief

In today's episode, the hosts presented three exciting news to the stars and their dance partners. Despite the demanding training and the challenging week due to partner change, all dance couples could breathe a sigh of relief, because this week had a special feature: no one had to leave the dance floor for good. Still, the show has one highlight in store: voting is still ongoing and could potentially give the dancing couples a decisive edge for next week.

Celebrities can get bonus points for themselves

Contrary to the classic rule of eliminating the couple with the fewest votes, “Let's Dance” presented a different challenge to the celebrities and their professional dance partners. As hosts Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski explained at the beginning of the episode, dance enthusiasts now had the opportunity to receive valuable bonus points for the week ahead through audience votes and jury points. “The celebrity who comes out on top at the end of the partner-swapping show, based on the judges' points and the audience's calls, will receive a bonus point,” the moderators announced, implying that this point will be a crucial boost in the next round. , on April 19, will help you move forward.

“Let's Dance”: The third special feature of the next show

Another unprecedented feature was revealed during today's show: all points and calls collected during this exceptional situation will remain valid for the next show. In the seventh episode of “Let's Dance”, celebrities and professionals return to the dance floor in their usual pairs. But that partner change that they were required to do in the current show might still work because of the special rules…

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