Every month there are some changes for consumers. In May, for example, plane tickets will become more expensive, the Deutsche Bahn route agent app will no longer be available and costs will become more transparent when purchasing new cars.

Airline tickets will become more expensive from May

The Budget Financing Law of 2024 provides for a 20 percent increase in the aviation tax. This leads to higher prices for airline tickets. Depending on the distance to the destination, plane tickets are now more expensive:

  • Distance class I (Europe): 15.53 euros – an increase of 2.80 euros
  • Distance class II (middle distance, e.g. North Africa): €38.72 – an increase of €6.47
  • Distance class III (long distance, e.g. America): 70.83 euros – an increase of 12.76 euros

Travelers planning a flight in 2024 must book their ticket by May 1 to avoid the increased ticket tax.

Deutsche Bahn hires DB route agent

Deutsche Bahn will discontinue its popular DB-Reckenagent travel planning app from May 2, 2024. This app made it possible to clearly plan train journeys. In the future, the DB Navigator app will replace this popular feature and will also allow real-time ticket booking and information.

More transparent costs when buying a new car

When purchasing a car, more complete information on the tracking costs of a new car will be mandatory from May 2024. Electric cars are usually more expensive than combustion engines, but the subsequent costs make the difference. From May 2024, showroom vehicles and new cars will have a label that provides information on expected costs over the next 10 years. This includes the carbon price, taxes and other relevant costs. The label shows the evolution of costs in different CO2 price scenarios to allow consumers to make an informed decision.

More money for nursing staff

Beginning May 1, 2024, geriatric care employees will receive higher minimum hourly wages. Nursing professionals can expect a minimum wage of €19.50, qualified nursing assistants receive €16.50 and nursing assistants €15.50 per hour. This measure aims to show recognition for the important work in geriatric care and improve working conditions.

Swiss traffic fines will be recognized from May 2024

From May 1, 2024, new rules will apply to German traffic offenders in Switzerland. German drivers who park illegally or speed and receive a fine in Switzerland will have to pay for the Federal Republic. On the contrary, Swiss traffic offenders can also be prosecuted more easily if the total amount demanded exceeds 70 euros or 80 francs. This regulation aims to ensure fairer punishment for traffic violations between Germany and Switzerland.

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