In the first episode of the new season of The Ochsenknechts, the family vents their anger over Jim Blue. Mother Natascha, brother Wilson and sister Cheyenne take him seriously.

The Ochsenknechts are back in the reality TV business — at least almost. Because one thing is missing: Jimi Blue will not be on camera in the third season of “These Ochsenknechts”. Still, the first episode of the Sky reality series largely revolves around him. His family members rarely miss an opportunity to express their displeasure at the loss of contact. “He will fall down again,” mother Natascha predicts to her son. Sister Cheyenne says, “That's not my level.” He makes it clear that he is not crying for his brother.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht “doesn't want anything to do with him” because of Jimi Blue's behavior

A little overview: The Ochsenknecht family structure already had a lot of tension in the second season of the show. Jimi Blue saw himself partially misrepresented, and arguments with Jimi Blue's new girlfriend Laura culminated in a marriage proposal that Jimi Blue crashed at his sister Cheyenne's wedding (Natasha: “That's disrespectful”). Since then, contact has been difficult, with Jimi Blue withdrawing from the reality series and only infrequent contact with her brother, Wilson Gonzalez.

“It's probably going to last as long as Laura is in Jim's life,” says Wilson Gonzalez, who doesn't expect the situation to improve any time soon in the season opener, “These Ochsenknechts.” Cheyenne calls it ridiculous that her brother removed his last name from his Instagram profile.

According to the 23-year-old man, Jimi Blue's treatment of Snow, the daughter he shares with his ex-girlfriend Yeliz Koc, is also incomprehensible: “Family was always first for him. I will accept such a change in the future, but then I don't want anything to do with him.” Natascha Ochsenknecht doesn't understand it either. And even Wilson Gonzalez, at his most diplomatic about his brother, is clear on the matter: “I would kick myself in the balls and say, 'Shit, it's from a kid.'”

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht 'completely complication-free' despite hormone overload

Speaking of kids, Cheyenne was expecting her second child when the tape was shot in May 2023. “I feel like a walrus,” complains a pregnant woman in the first episode of “Need Ochsenknechts.” However, friend Nino emphasizes that he likes it “when it's curvy”. Additionally, Cheyenne is “completely complication-free” despite the hormone build-up. “Finance Minister” Nino only has to intervene when shopping for a new baby in a mall. “I know what debits and credits are and he shouldn't forget that,” he says, paying attention to his wallet – especially knowing that an XXL barn is currently being built on his property (capacity: €500,000).

When he met Cheyenne, her handling of money was “disastrous,” Nino remembers. But he grew up differently: “You don't have to throw away all the money.” That realization now seems to have reached the soon-to-be mother of two: “Thank God I got a curve.” He had At this point, the couple had no idea how dramatic the birth would be. The streaming audience also needs to be patient. As the preview shows, only the second episode answers the question of how the birth went.