After a surprising return to “Schlag der Star”, Matthias Opdenhövel also returns to the screen with “Hast Du Tones?”

In the years 1999-2001, former VIVA presenter Matthias Opdenhövel (53) offered in his cult music advice show “Hast Du Tones?” – at the VOX radio station at the time. Almost 25 years later, it will start the second round on May 30, 2024 with the Sat.1 format.

As the broadcaster reports, not only the original host will return with the show. At the end of the nineties, there was also a live band “Tönlein Brillant” in the studio, which is there again in the original line-up.

Six episodes are planned

Unlike the previous times, in the new edition there are no longer individual candidates competing with each other, who have to prove their musical knowledge in a total of three duos – consisting of the team captain and a guest. Actress Nora Tschirner (42), rapper Smudo (56) and comedian Lutz van der Horst (48) compete as team captains in all six episodes published so far.

Apparently, nothing much has changed in terms of the tried and tested rules of the show: who can recognize the song from the first notes? Who has the most stories on fast forward? And who can recognize them with one instrument? Each show offers a prize of up to 25,000 euros, which, however, does not go to the already wealthy celebrity teams, but to the viewer from the audience block assigned to them in the studio.

The film “Hast Du Töpfen?” the return starts on May 30, 2024 on Sat.1 and Joyn, starting at 20:15.

Last week ProSieben announced that Matthias Opdenhövel, who hosted “Schlag den Star” in 2010 and previously also hosted the original format “Schlag den Raab”, will return to the Saturday night program. The announcement caused quite a stir, as Elton apparently did not leave the format voluntarily and was more than disappointed with the station's decision on Instagram.

Author (tj/spot)