When two people argue, the third is happy: During the War of the Roses with Oliver Pocher, his wife Amira seems to get along well with his ex-girlfriend Monica Meier-Ivancan. Finally, Pocher raged in disgust at the model.

There is a quarrel between the Pochers: Oliver Pocher and Amira Pocher have publicly quarreled. The comedian has repeatedly lashed out at his wife. Amira, on the other hand, usually kept her cool and often left her ex-partner's statements uncommented. It's not the first time Pocher has fired back at an ex: He also lashed out at model Monica Meier-Ivancan, who he dated for four years — back then with Amira — on a podcast in 2022. But now you see two women partying together.

After Pocher's blasphemous attack, his former partners get along well

“Maybe he had a stroke, or he can't talk properly,” Oliver said on the podcast with Amira about Monica Meier-Ivancan, who didn't greet him at Oktoberfest. “Or it's so botoxed that the lips no longer move properly.” At the time, Amira laughed at the comments. Today, he himself is the target of the “Five Against Jauch” moderator. But now the two women appear together, party wildly and seem to get along very well.

The two women come together at an event hosted by Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarrella. In the clip shared by Jana Ina, the two can be seen standing close to each other. They even dance together. There is absolutely no sign of catfights here. Amira and Monica share further impressions of the event on their Instagram stories. However, at the dinner that followed, the two did not sit next to each other – perhaps the hosts wanted to wait and see how the two women got along?

In 2005, Oliver Pocher met model Monica Meier-Ivancan (then Monica Ivancan). The relationship between the two lasted for four years. The model split from the comedian in 2009. The relationship between the two seemed to have cooled afterwards. She married entrepreneur Christian Meier in 2013.

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