The pensioner has to pay an inheritance tax of 3,780 euros. It is not clear where he will get the money from. Rudnik lives on a pension of 1,025 euros. He would pay the sum, but the Herne probate court has not yet paid his share of the inheritance of 32,682 euros. Until the notification from the Treasury arrived, the pensioner did not know how much money he was really entitled to. A curious case first reported by the newspaper Westfälische Allgemeine Zeitung.

Pensioners must pay 3,780 euros in taxes without inheritance

Following the death of the cousin in 2019, an executor was appointed to locate the deceased's possible heirs. The search, described in detail in a 100-page file, lasted four years. Three heirs were identified, among them the pensioner Klaus Rudnik. But one of the three heirs died. This means that descendants can now inherit the deceased's estate. The probate court identified three people. Now the three must accept the inheritance before the money is paid to them.

But the Bochum Treasury is not interested in the missing signatures. In Germany, “an inheritance must be declared to the tax office,” according to the Regional Finance Directorate of North Rhine-Westphalia. And further: “The tax settlement occurs regardless of whether the inheritance has already been settled. If the tax is not paid on time, a late fee will be charged.” For this reason, pensioner Rudnik fears having to pay much more than the 3,780 euros in taxes. At the moment it is already 37.80 euros, and as long as the inheritance is not paid the amount will continue to rise.

What to do if taxes are required before inheritance?

Pensioner Rudrik could ask the Treasury to defer his tax debt. According to the Consumer Service Center, this could prevent late payment fees from continuing to increase.

If the tax office refuses, you should hire a lawyer. In many cases, the deferral can even be extended up to ten years. Article 28 of the Inheritance and Gift Tax Law also stipulates that the heir will not pay interest on the deferred inheritance tax.

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