Patrick has always wanted to be on The Perfect Dinner. Since his apartment was too small for that, he moved in and finally made his dream come true.

Feeling good is popular these days with soul food and comfortable clothing. Since his apartment in Munich was too small to participate in the “perfect dinner”, Patrick (38) moved a year ago to a larger apartment in Kulmbach, near Bayreuth, to make his dream come true. “I've always said I want a kitchen that will allow me to have the 'perfect dinner' one day.” Patrick sets his expectations for himself accordingly: “If it fails, it won't fail because the kitchen.” Her motto: “California Dreaming” because “this is where I feel very, very comfortable.” There is:

  • Appetizer: Tacos de coliflor rostizada y camarones al ajillo
  • Main course: Beef / Yorkshire pudding / Brussel sprouts / Gravy
  • Dessert: Pecan Pie and Sea Salt Gelato

The salesman begins the preparations with perfection: “I hope this is not an exhibition of mishaps.” But with the Yorkshire pudding batter, it's already happening: “I've really hit the jackpot. It goes in exactly one cup of flour, not three.” So throw it in the trash and do it again. “What a fail,” he says, annoyed at the mistake. “I'm going to eat, dude.” Fortunately, it doesn't get that far, because the rest goes according to plan.

“I can imagine there's going to be a bang in Patrick's kitchen today.”

“I can imagine there's going to be a bang in Patrick's kitchen today,” says Marion, 50, who now knows her ambitions. “It's no use registering so often. “I think there's a lot to come,” says Nadine, 26, of Patrick's repeated efforts to finally have “the perfect dinner.”

“I've never seen anyone as excited as he is,” says Klaus, 57, surprised by Patrick's lively greeting. As agreed, everyone takes out their slippers for comfort. Marion and Nadine bring their unicorn slippers, which Karsten (63) really admires: “Even with a pompom on the back.”

Ideal Dinner: “Start 10 out of 10”

“Can you provide something you eat with your hands for the 'perfect dinner'?” asks Patrick, adding the tacos with two different fillings. “We'll find out after dinner,” says Karsten. Everyone bravely bites into their flatbreads. “Avocado cream is very tasty,” says Nadine. “You matched my taste exactly.” Klaus doesn't appreciate the praise: “For me it was almost like yogurt.” Nadine stands by it: “For me, the appetizer was a ten out of ten.”

What follows: roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and Brussels sprouts, for vegetarian Nadine's I-can't-believe-this-isn't-a-beef-burger. Guests should beat the wait by playing the Who Am I? “Great,” says Klaus, having a lot of fun. After Karsten served the best Brussels sprouts ever the night before, expectations are high for Patrick. He has planned a “parmesan and panko boost” for his vegetables. Unfortunately, his green balls can't keep up. “It was muddy,” notes Marion. Klaus raves about the beef: “The meat was the best meat I've ever eaten.”

Sweet cake with salty ice cream

The last three times we tried pecan pie, it didn't turn out the way Patrick wanted. When he takes it out of the oven, a searching look tells him, “I'm sure it won't make soup.” Everyone is eagerly waiting for it to be cut. “Looks good,” Patrick explains everything and serves salty ice cream to contrast the sweet cake. The latter annoys Nadine: “The ice cream was a bit too salty and not sweet enough for me.” Patrick finds a fan in Karsten: “I really enjoyed his dessert!”

With 34 points, Patrick barely missed the weekly win. Marion gets it with 36 points.

The original article “The perfect dinner: the presenter moved especially for the show” is from Teleschau.