Will Prince Harry soon have to say goodbye to his new home in America and will it be his own fault? Because now his drug past is catching up with him and causing problems.

For Prince Harry, it could all have been so nice: a new life in California away from the British royal family, deals with Netflix and Co. that will make millions for him and his family. But now he's putting his own happiness in jeopardy – through his memoir of everything that confirms his drug past and puts his visa in jeopardy.

Prince Harry's visa application triggers court proceedings

In his autobiography, published in 2023, the prince publicly admitted that he had experimented with drugs – a mistake, as it now turns out. Those who admit in their visa application that they have used drugs usually do not get a visa. Harry is now accused of hiding his drug past to avoid jeopardizing his chances of getting a visa. His visa application was even sued by the Heritage Foundation, which demanded the release of the documents citing freedom of information and public interest.

Royal correspondent Michael Cole spoke about Harry's problems in an interview with Talk TV: “I think he's in more trouble than he probably realizes.” He also explained that the US takes its immigration laws very seriously, and if Harry was actually deported, he wouldn't even be able to move to Canada because he wouldn't be able to get residency there either.

Does Prince Harry get special treatment because of his title?

The clip, posted on YouTube, drew many comments, drawing comparisons to other drug-addicted celebrities and pointing to a harsh response from the US. “The US didn't even let Amy Winehouse into the country for the Grammy.” But very few people believe Harry will be kicked out, not just because of his title.

“Seriously…does anyone think Prince Harry will actually be deported? Remember when Harry was asked in one of his TV interviews why he wouldn't give up titles and he said what a difference it would make. Well, here's the difference!” The president himself is believed to be involved, but the correspondent also said that Joe Biden is not a big fan of British princes.

“He will get a golden passport, nothing will happen.” “I agree, Biden will make sure he stays in the US.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has actually stepped in and had his lawyers confirm that they have complied with the Heritage Foundation's court order to take the next step. It remains to be seen if Harry will eventually be deported.

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