Laura Müller and her husband Michael Wendler created a real hype around this music video. Laura uploaded a short video to Instagram. It showed him lying in bed, looking sheepishly at the camera. He's just wearing black underwear and he's lying between the sheets. Two shirtless muscular young men are lying on the bed next to him. “I dared and filmed my first clip!” wrote Laura at the time. Wendler shared the news on Facebook, writing, “Laura finally has the guts to go full throttle with two hot guys.”

With the reference to the erotic platform OnlyFans, speculation quickly arose. However, instead of an erotic clip, Laura filmed a music video for her first song “Superstar”. It has now celebrated its premiere on YouTube. It was a flop on several levels.

The countdown angers the fans

The video should hit the Internet on April 18 at 6 p.m. A few minutes earlier, fans and onlookers were waiting in the chat of the video platform. “Oh my god, nothing good can come of this,” one user wrote. Someone else: “It's like an accident – you can't look away.”

At 18, however, it was a disappointment! Another five-minute countdown appeared on the screen, accompanied by gentle piano and string notes. “Huh? Four more minutes?” asked one user. “Clocks work differently for Americans,” joked one viewer in the group chat. “I wanted to see 'the diary' today,” joked another. Maybe it should look as “superstar-like” as possible.. .

At 18:05, the time had finally arrived after the counting fiasco and the video airing. There were nearly 1,200 people on the YouTube page at that time.

This is a clip of Laura Müller's “Superstar”.

But the music and video didn't really score either. Laura Müller sits in a sports car and raps! In the clip, the model poses in a red lacquer body, black lace lingerie or a pink mini dress. The subject of his song? Luxury, sex and only fans. “Look at my body. Do you think I'm hot?” Laura asks right at the beginning of the story, “Do you like my ass?” I don't need a filter because I'm still young. In this piece, she lounges in an XXL martini glass and wears a bra decorated with red cherries.

In addition to singing, Laura apparently wants to become a rapper. “I like to do it in the car, with a stick in my hand. But only in Ferrari, because I know it,” is the second line. There's even a hint of laughter in your voice.

He also discusses his OnlyFans career in the chorus. “I'm an OnlyFans superstar, I've got 100,000 followers,” or “I'm on OnlyFans day and night, I know what makes you happy,” he then sings on Auto-Tune. “Follow me on Only, we are very close.” He also says the success of OnlyFans is forcing him to buy cars “with cash.”

You have to admit: a powerful voice doesn't exactly carry a song through. Wendler promised “full throttle”. Nothing can be heard or seen in the video in the song, which is less than three minutes long. The scenes with the two men are limited to some cuddling in bed and do not go much beyond the material already shown on Instagram.

Song fails with viewers: “Didn't expect anything, but still disappointed”

And the German R'n'B number is also a big hit among fans. “Plus it looks so cheap…Typical Wendler style,” someone said. “I didn't expect anything and I was still disappointed,” this comment admitted to speculation about whether he was making an erotic clip: “The film would have made more sense.”

The song's sound and songwriting qualities were also mocked. “Now really, no joke: who produced something like this? It's not bad, it's an absolute embarrassment!” “Dude, how edited is that voice,” complained someone else. Laura Müller, it seems, is far from a superstar in the music industry.

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