After the couple separated in 2021, Richard Lugner (91) and his ex-partner Simone “Bienchen” Reiländer (42) found each other again and are now planning to get married. The wedding day is set for June 1, 2024. It would be the sixth yes for the well-known construction contractor from Austria. However, one of his ex-wives seems to be against the proposed wedding.

Christina Lugner angry: 'She can't steal the show from her own child'

His fourth ex-wife Christina “Mausi” Lugner (58) wants to prevent the wedding at all costs. The reason for this is not jealousy, but rather their daughter Jacqueline (30). Because he too is getting married soon. Just a few days after her father's wedding, the 30-year-old woman wants to say yes to FPÖ politician Leo Kohlbauer (37).

Mama Mausi gets angry in an interview with “Bild” newspaper: “There is no way that he can't steal this show from his own child. I won't let that happen and I told him so. He needs to understand this and show some empathy.” Richard and «Mausi» Lugner were married for 17 years, he confirmed to the newspaper in 2007. This was followed by his marriage to model Cathy Lugner (34) in 2016.

Richard Lugner: “This will definitely be my last wedding”

Lugner's current predicament is thanks to her fiancé, of all people, spilling the beans about her June wedding date. Richard Lugner admits it didn't go perfectly. “It's true, Simone spilled the beans,” the 91-year-old said in an interview with Bild newspaper. “Now, of course, I'm under pressure. I can handle it, but I still have a lot of things to do in this area.

This includes his will, as he reveals. His four children are allegedly listed there, as well as his future wife. Lugner is also confident: “This will definitely be my last wedding.”

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